Why I’m smiling

In Economy on 31/01/2015 at 4:39 am

As the charts below show, real interest rates here are still +ve (juz), and deflation is a’coming. Retirees should love a bit of deflation. But if got mortgage

  1. A surprise move by Singapore on Wednesday to ease monetary policy sent the city’s currency tumbling to its lowest level against the dollar in more than four years, the latest sign of the pressure on policy makers at a time of falling commodity prices, declining inflation and softening growth expectations.
    Singapore alternative parties better be prepared,for the General elections soon!

  2. CPI is manipulated. There’s CPI and there’s CPI. The standard CPI published by MAS and by mass media is calculated for the 70th-80th percentile.

    Those in the top decile actually have deflation already since 2012-2014.

    Those in the bottom 20% and retirees without self-rejuvenating income stream actually have much higher inflation, even in the past 12 months with oil prices falling by 60%.

  3. I am happy to read kjeyaretnam expert commentary:Singapore Gets into Currency Wars,a very good one.

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