Fernvale Lea: Owners “hiding” an inconvenient truth

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The NIMBYs of Fernvale Lea (all relations of that very entitled scholar Eng or of property developers?), and their allies among the anti-PAP paper warriors don’t mention a very inconvenient fact. And surprisingly neither does the constructive, nation-building media which is the PAP’s only weapon against new media which is dominated by those opposed or not friendly (self included here) to the PAP administration.

When the “noise” started, the u/m sketch was widely circulated on the internet. I wondered what was the building (coloured grey) in between the flats and the “temple” area. 

Turns out there is a multi-storey carpark between the “temple” land and the flats. Here’s how it looks.

And the photo below shows, the proposed  “commercial” temple/ columbarium would not be visible from the ground level of the Lea. And the residents living higher up will only seen the roof. Effectively, the temple/ columbarium is not visible, or anywhere near the flats.

So waz this bull of the temple/ columbarium spoiling the enviroment? It’s all about the fear of not getting gd prices for the flats because the flats are near the “dead”.

Now that we know the tender should never have gone to a commercial entity, we should be assured that it was an “honest mistake” made by stupid bureaucrats. The PAP administration should get the CPIB and ISD to investigate the officials who approved the award and defended the decision. The reason for the CPIB is self-evident: got bribery or not?

The reason for the latter is to see if the officials are “anti-PAP” subversives trying to fix the PAP. Maybe it wasn’t “an honest mistake” but a plot against the PAP administration. Remember that the core of the WP is the activists from the Barisan Socialists, the cunning enemy of the PAP.

And the media too should be investigated by the ISD: strange that the constructive, nation-building journalists didn’t point out this fact when sliming the MIMBYs.

Next week, I’ll blog on the question that Khaw never addressed, but which he should have. Did the bureaucrats fib or is a PAP MP lying?

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  2. I don’t think you are quite right. I don’t think the presence of the car park would make a difference to the environment unless the proposed temple and columbarium is fenced off from the Fernvale EC. Looks like the ingress and egress from the temple/columbarium is through the EC’s estate roads.

  3. Hahaha recently did analysis of resale prices near columbariums. Conclusion: Within 250m your home price will be affected.

    So fernvale lea lessees will definitely be affected. But they will still get profit if hold for 7-10 years. Just smaller profit compared to other HDBs in fernvale.

    This is a case of buyer being naïve and unobservant of material facts, and then when educated about it, want to back out of contract. When you see place of worship, just take it there will be dead bodies/remains.

    Even if no dead bodies/remains, staying next to temples, churches & mosques is already a BIG negative — noise pollution (sometimes daily starting from 5:30am), crowds of strangers that you don’t like especially on worship days or festivals, traffic jams & cars anyhow park and jam up the roads, funeral processions & services every few days.

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