Analysing Ravi’s $1m AMK election fund

In Humour on 09/02/2015 at 4:31 am

(Update on 11 Februaey at 4.30 am

The Law Society of Singapore has ordered Human Rights lawyer, M Ravi to stop his legal practice until he goes for a medical examination.

“The Council of the Law Society has received information relating to Mr M Ravi’s impaired fitness to practise and has issued a direction that Mr Ravi stop his legal practice pending a medical examination pursuant to Section 25C(7) of the Legal Profession Act (Cap 161, 2009 Ed),” said the Law Society in response to media queries on Tuesday regarding the order to stop Mr Ravi from his legal practice. (TOC 10 February 2015))


M Ravi tells us ” he has set aside $1 million, saved over the years, for his campaign” – See more at: He wants to take on the PM in AMK GRC in the next GE, if the s/o JBJ’s motley crew of dead-beats doesn’t contest AMK.

Let’s put this $1m fighting fund into perspective:

— The 170 candidates who took part in the General Election 2011 spent some $5.5 million on the polls: so Ravi is planning to spend 18% of that amount in just one GRC;

— PM’s AMK team team spent $340,905 in that yr (second highest*), so Ravi is planning to spend 3 times more than PM’s team; and

–. surely his relatives will vote for him? “He said he picked the six-MP constituency because 25 per cent of its residents are his relatives, saying he has Chinese and Indian roots. The GRC had about 179,000 voters in the last polls. – See more at:  It seems Ravi has a low opinion of his many AMK relatives seeing that he plans to spend so much money. Surely, they’ll vote for “kaki lang”, “countryman” for free?

Maybe this talk of a $1m fund is a repeat of his

— performance at Hong Lim Green when he pranced around in his shorts (great phyique btw) calling WP lawyers, “cow dung”;

— suing the Law Society and his then doctor for millions of dollars (he withdrew his suits without them paying up: when asked he said, “I’m moving on”);

— rowing in a temple;

— allegedly saying  Roy “swindling the money”

— shouting in a mosque**?

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Yes, Yes, I know Ravi and Roy have now have publicly squabbled*** and this may help explain why he said he didn’t want Roy in his GRC team because he is “too impulsive”. At the time, I tot, “Isn’t New Citizen H3 worse?”, “Not OK to be impulsive, but OK to lie regularly like H3?” and “Pot calling the kettle black.”

*Highest was in Sembawang, Yishun. Looks like the PAP was concerned about Northern bit of S’pore in 2011, throwing money. The funny thing is that in both GRCs, the PAP faced really weak opponents. Shouldn’t the money be better deployed in Aljunied?

**He told the court that he hadn’t been taking his pills for his bi-polar condition.and blaming this inaction on his grief over mum’s death.

***Ngerng said he had given Mr Ravi the S$29,000 on Jan 22 and had received a receipt for it. But Mr Ravi had not processed the payment to Drew and Napier by Feb 2, and Ngerng said he was handed back the money to pay Mr Lee’s lawyers directly. He said he was unaware of the letters sent by Drew and Napier to Mr Ravi on Jan 30 and Feb 3. 

But in an email to the media today, Mr Ravi claimed that the blogger had “not been at all timely” in paying Drew and Napier even after the S$29,000 had been refunded to him. Mr Ravi claimed the money was refunded to Ngerng at the latter’s request, “in the presence of many other persons”. (CNA 6th February)

  1. no opp party dares to accept any of these 3 characters as members ?

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