Buy higher, sell higher

In Financial competency on 13/02/2015 at 2:15 pm

A Star Wars toy that cost £1.50 when it came out 35 years ago has sold at auction for £18,000.

The figure, of bounty hunter Boba Fett, was put up for action by Craig Stevens, from Croydon, who is a former chairman of the UK Star Wars Fan Club.

He bought the figure, still in its original packaging, for £50 in 1990.

  1. Hi. Not a fan of either pap or wp but watching the unfolding saga this is what I understand:
    1. Conflicts of interests are common in TC structure. Even in pap TC there are GMs of contractor who are members of the council. This is not forbidden.

    2. What WP was cited for was not explicitly declaring according to a specific procedure. They tjought it was sufficient since the names of council members and contractor are known in public domain….so they did not follow a procedure to have it declared.

    I work in an established company for yrs the procedure to declare conflict of interest was introduced abt 5 yrs ago. In some industries it is possible simply too troublesome to avoid such conflicts and the TC rules does not forbid it.

    I remenber during NS days, I worked as a clerk for quartermaster, I was amazed at the cupboard full of GOMs …I asked how to follow all those rules and procedures…the old bird told me it is all experience. You wont even know a rule exists for something if you are new…

    I think WP had to rush and scramble put together decent services for people of Aljunied GRC. On hindsight, they missed out and made mistakes.

    In the end you have to question if it is even possible for any opposition to take over GRC and do a good job with limited experience inTC matters and no experienced management agent will to take the risk working for opposition. If you want youbTC to run smoothly, you have no choice but to vote for PAP. Period.

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