Iskandar: Hoping for Chinese buyers? Dream on

In Malaysia on 28/02/2015 at 4:48 am

Funny people M’suan developers. They miss fears of a property glut in Iskandar saying that the Chinese from China (not S’pore) will buy the properties.

Well there is a very influential group of Malays in UMNO (the top dog in the ruling National Front) that has a problem with local Chinese. They’d freak out over an influx of real Chinese buyers living in Johor. They are likely to view such buyers as a fifth column for the Chinese enclave off Johor>

And for the developers to assume that the potential buyers are clueless about the racial tensions is an assumption too far.

  1. Those m’sian companies are either idiots or they think customers are idiots. Frankly the only potential buyers are semi-middle-class malay sinkies. Most middle-class malay sinkies will rather stay in KL area.

    M’sians are also horrible at long-term maintenance. With the lack of viable (i.e. rich & middle-class) customer-base, iskandar will likely turn into a ghetto for layabout bumis, squatters, and karang guni men stripping bare the electrical wiring, plumbing, air-cons, metal gates, door locks, window frames, grilles, etc etc.

    Eventually the malay govt will declare iskandar to be bumi land and confiscate the whole lot again. All these will play out over next 20 years.

  2. buy properties in iskandar m’sia ? I would rather give my money to charities in SG.

  3. Whatever give you these ideas? It seems you have deep bias thoughts.
    Mostly bought by malaysian sg PRs as they were given preference by agents there.
    Initial malaysian developers were subsequently relieved by major China developers.
    That’s their market.
    No, it won’t turn into bumi land. As your earlier article pointed out, JB indicated that they work for their citizens.

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