SG50: The Ninth Immortal

In Uncategorized on 23/03/2015 at 5:03 am

DSC_0046At least that’s what the local constructive, nation-building media and brown-nosers* will portray him as. Look at yesterday’s SunTimes for the kind of rubbish that was printed when he was still alive.

SPH had sent a letter to advertisers to say that it will not accept LKY tribute ads at the request of the Lee family.

Would it be too much to expect the local media and brown-nosers to respect the spirit and sentiment behind the request?


*10.30am: Here’s a stomach churning one. LKY was no great global leader:

Today, the world has lost one of the great leaders of its time.
He has inspired us all with his epic legacy – one we’ve taken more than a page from.
His fearless determination and relentless pursuit of perfection will continue to inspire us,
so that we may never cease to make waves in the world, just as he has.

– Min-Liang Tan, CEO Razer Inc.

  1. This Country is built on brown nosing elites. What does one expect?

  2. Good riddance. Finally can save taxpayers on $200K monthly pension, $1M yearly medical & $15K monthly MP allowance. Also I can finally enjoy my 10 bottles of dom perignon.

  3. We mocked the North Korean theatrics at the death of their Great Leader. Now some here have learnt that there is no harm being overly effusive in praising the PM’s father.

  4. He was entitled to his legacy as you are yours, however significant or otherwise. Even his political opponents had the dignity and grace to pen some kind words at his passing. In comparison, your stubborn rigidity in dismissing him and denigrating the sentiments of Singaporeans who grieved at his death says lots about you: a poor exemplar to those close to you. God Bless you.

  5. Unworthy of a response. God Bless.

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