M’sian politicans want to learn from PAP administration?

In Malaysia on 28/03/2015 at 4:56 am

“Selangor is a key state in Malaysia,” said Mr Azmin, Chief Minister of Selangor. “We will try to emulate some of the policies implemented in Singapore. I will visit Singapore soon to learn how the Housing Development Board develops low-cost houses for the lower-income group. This is one agenda I will give priority to.” CNA

So they going to stop being corrupt?

The passing of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has prompted some young Malaysian politicians to take a hard look at the kind of leaders they want to be. CNA

Update at 7.20am:

Err maybe they can learn how to make the taxpayers pay them multi-million salaries while they bitch about low pay. Doubtless Grace Fu and Jos Teo can teach them?

Btw, interesting that Robert Kuok disagrees with the idea that ministers should be paid millions, and that pigs (he and LKY are pigs) are greedy by nature

  1. Robert Kuok knows better than anyone the proper way to earn a million or more a year.

  2. The ability to accrue wealth is a function of political/economical power.

    If you make a minister’s pay “reasonable” by the common man standard, when the minister retires ( because he has done enough underpaid work for the public ) and goes private sector and privatizes the equivalent of M1 by “pulling some strings”, the nation and social fabric is poorer from that. Because if allowed, in time, this will make cronism acceptable.

    Better to overpay the ministers from the perspective of the commoner, dedicate him to public service for his natural life, and the public retains the option to scrutinize him/her and crucify him/her for perceived to be “stealing” an extra cent.

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