A hint of China’s real view of LKY?

In China on 29/03/2015 at 5:09 am

One of the self-serving narratives of LKY and the PAP administration is that LKY had good, long-standing personal relations with Chinese leaders. They were “old friends”.

Well then, how come it seems that China’s leaders are not giving that much face to LKY (and S’pore) by only standing Vice-President Li Yuanchao?

True, he holds the second highest state post. But in the Chinese hierarchy of power, the CCP is more important than the state or government. It is even above the law. The standing committee of the politburo of the CCP is at the apex, with the secretary-general (and state president) Xi Jinping, right at the top.

Li Keqiang (also the PM) is the next highest ranking official on the standing committee. There are five other members.

The VP that is coming is not even in the standing committee of the politburo (as other VPs have been in the past) though he is somewhere in the 25 politburo (25 members).

If China wanted to give LKY (and S’pore face), it would surely would have sent the PM or any other less senior standing committee member. If Xi had come himself, it would be very serious face for LKY and S’pore, but even the ST in an article had conceded that his presence was unlikely.

As it is we only got the VP.

To be fair, I should point out that in a speech in China, the president praised LKY. A friend heard a broadcast of the speech yesterday.

What do you think. Was LKY that close to the Chinese leaders?

  1. Like Old Fart, the cheenas are supreme pragmatists. When Old Fart was around, they could at least gain something from him. Now that he up lorry, he is just a piece of rotting meat. Why waste time & resources on the current 4th-rate cabinet and MPs??? The cheenas know that s’pore needs them more than they need us.

    • So you too fallen the belief that China respected him when he was alive? He was ‘America’s boy in SE Asia”. Read Kissinger’s praise.

      • They didn’t respect him. They could just get things out of him while he was still talking & moving. LKY was the one eating out of the Commies hands.

  2. when any one of the SG opposition “leaders” die, do you think china willl send a rep to attend the opp “leader’s” funeral ?

  3. LKY was once the opposition leader.

  4. When you have PRC and ROC in official capacity (i think) in the same hall without bickering, it is the ultimate honor.

  5. Need to understand the Diplomatic Corp protocol, after all his last portfolio is Minister Mentor and not PM.

    • Well they could have sent the previous president whom LKY called a personal friend. LKY was so anxious to see him him that Dr Goh’s burial was delayed because LKY had to see Jiang and deliver Dr Goh’s eulogy. LKY’s daughter went into a complicated explanation of why LKY had to see Jiang.

  6. Were the PRC sneering at his son?

  7. My 2 cents is that to speculate on China’s view of LKY ( and by extension Singapore ) on who they send to Grandpa’s Lee funeral is inconsequential.

    SG would have extended our already overextended luck by another 10y if LKY was healthy and alive to receive XJP and define our relationship as country (5mil) o country ( 1200mil )

    It is my silent wish that XJP actually cares abt “snubbing” LKY’s legacy and by extension Singapore. ( and not just dismissing LKY as an outlier of an outstanding city governer )

    China needs a strong powerful convicted forceful leader to weed out the corruption and grow the social fabric into one of global cultural dominance ( look at how American media has come to assert soft cultural dominance on the educated SG population).

    If XJP actually felt obligated and skirted the obligation to meet LKY in SG while LKY was alive… then I hope that he it is because he believes he is a better man than LKY.

    This is good, for it means China has hope, and with some luck, the chance to lead the world and eclipse America over the next 30 years and elevate the quality of life for 1.2 bn people to achieve cultural dominance ( and hopefully set an example for India who can’t even solve the birth control problem – don’t blame education – for they worship their english colonial heritage.. Good access to english.. and had much time to evolve as they avoided big losses in both world wars. Clearly their poverty is due to an aggregate of culturally handicapped practices)

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