SIA: Sweet spot in costs, safety and efficiency?

In Airlines, Humour on 08/04/2015 at 1:55 pm

TRE and its anti-PAP cybernut posters are cheerfully running down SIA because it is ranked 29 in safety terms below even Chinese air;ines

Why always running down S’porean co and seeing Chinese cos no ak?

Given its safety record (when was last time anybody died in SIA crash?) It may have found the sweet spot between costs, safety and efficiency?

And btw, since when have TRE posters (Chris K excepted) been able to afford to fly. Going by their comments about public tpt fares, they can’t even afford to travel by bus.

Chris K:

Cynical Investor:
Why always running down S’poreanco and seeing Chinese cos no ak?

Given is safety record (when was last time anybody died in SIA crash?) It may have found the sweet spot between costs, safety and efficiency?

Really? If that is so, how come No.1 ranked Cathay Pacific is more profitable than SIA? Me thinks the disgraceful way SIA treats its frequent flyers is the reason it is falling behind. Have now gone with One World (Cathay and BA) – ended my 15 year Gold membership at SIA recently.

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I’ve not compared the two in yrs because I don’t invest in airlines; so I can’t comment on Chris K’s retort. Save that he would be wrong if SIA’s margins are better.
And anway, I note he was on SIA’s frequent flyer programme until recently. A true blue s’porean. Waz he doing among the TRE ranters and losers?


  1. Chris K probably was on Krisflyer courtesy of his company. After retiring then go with something slightly cheaper.

    When I was in civil service, I was also on Krisflyer coz kena sent packing to US, UK, Germany, Japan. Best thing is that although all memberships fees paid by govt, but I get to keep all the air-miles and points and whatnots. And get to use them for family & personal purposes.

  2. I almost always never fly SQ to anywhere now. I used to on company’s dime but even then i was accruing miles on Asiana’s FFP instead since Krisflyer’s program is worth lower than peanuts. Now that I’m flying on other alliances I have no more *A level beyond the most basic. But i am a Marco Polo Green member which will never expire and I always feel very well treated even when I fly CX at most 2x a year.

  3. Hello CI, net margins at CX 4%, SQ 2%. Like yourself, don’t touch airlines or any transportation stocks with a ten foot pole (those French and Italian equities and reits going gangbusters, not worried abt FX cos got Euro expenses)

    Certainly cost consideration is important when retired but, SQ is the cheaper option going direct to SG. However BA’s airmiles have no expiry and it is generous with upgrades and lounge access – important consideration going to Europe twice a year on own steam. Cheers

    • Thanks useful to know. Having heard how protective is SIA on its yields on bums, I can only conclude that Tiger and Silk are the reason for the lousy net margin. All the best as you join the retired. ))))

      • drop me a line if u wanna banter on markets.Have to keep the head ticking.

      • Will do. Juz keep writing the stuff you do for TRe should keep yr mind working. Actually the problem with retirement is not keeping the brains ticking, it’s getting too comfortable: slightest change from the usual can be “uncomfortable”.

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