Iskandar: Developers must be desperate?

In Malaysia, Property on 11/04/2015 at 4:16 am

Last Saturday, a freesheet published a puff piece on why it’s good to live in Iskandar and commute, and why it’s a good investment. No mention was made of the huge hikes in the tax on driving to and fro.

A day or two later M’sia again hiked it’s vehicle entry fees: by $7.25 I think. We know what the policy here is don’t we? S’pore with match the increase.

Rumour is that M’sian federal govt hiked fees last year, to warn the sultan of Johor not to to seize executive power in the running of Johor.

Will we be seeing Iskandar property ads in the freesheet?

  1. Foreigner-owned iskandar property will be declared haram within next 10 yrs and owners forced to surrender. Will also be battlefront zone in any war between s’pore & m’sia. It’s like buying property in west bank or gaza strip or donetsk in eastern ukraine.

  2. wait until the exchange rate is S$1.00=rm3.50, only then I would consider buying a property in that place.

    • Even if 1SGD=9999999MYR you still need to be prepared to lose 100% if invest in JB. 80% if invest in KL.

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