The best way to respect LKY

In Political governance on 12/04/2015 at 5:51 am

Well today tomorrow PAP MPs* and NMPs will be lining up to propose all manner of tributes to LKY. Wonder what the saka queen, that NMP with useless legs and a sycophantic brain will say? Let’s see if any of them have the balls to say: “Want to respect LKY? No need monuments. Vote PAP. All the elected seats is a fitting tribute to him.  Let’s face it. Whatever we think about him or his achievements, even his most ardent admirers  and the most anti-LKYers will acknowledge that to LKY, “The people, the PAP and the government are one”. So what better tribute or monument to him, if one is wanted, then to restore one-party rule to S’pore. I mean we had a fair bit of this in the 60s and 70s before than vain glorious, ang moh tuakee wind-bag spolided the party by entering parly? And S’pore did pretty well economically didn’t we? And for better measure, why not then change the constitution to make the PAP the ruling party for eternity? DSC_0011 Err I don’t think Harry would want this though. For all his faults, he, like Caesar Augustus, was keen to preserve the facade of proper behaviour and decorum. For those not conversant with him, Augustus was the first Roman emperor but made sure that he operated within the traditions and laws of the Roman republic. Augustus also said: “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” I think P(olitican) Ravi would have to agree (through gritted teeth admittedly) that LKY could say without contradiction, “I found S’pore a city of bricks and left it a city of steel and glass.” — *Three PAP MPs will be asking the Government to consider how the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew can be honoured further when Parliament sits. MP Foo Mee Har wants the Government to declare a new holiday called Founder’s Day so as to “provide Singaporeans the opportunity to remember the struggles of the country in the early years and remind us of the nation’s founding values and principles”. [He founded S’pore? Come on Raffles founded modern day S’pore.] She also wants the Singapore currencies, both notes and coins, to bear the face of Mr Lee. MP Lily Neo will also be asking the Government to consider printing Mr Lee’s photo on Singapore’s dollar notes in order to honour him. In addition, Ms Neo wants the Government to consider re-naming Singapore’s airport after Mr Lee. MP Ang Wei Neng agrees with Ms Neo. He will further ask the Government to consider renaming Changi Airport or any other significant buildings or institutions in honour of Mr Lee. [Hello, you disrespect him so fast? He didn’t like this kind of thing. It could a lot of persuasion for the LKY School of Public Policy to be so named.]

  1. Never thought anyone would raise the spectre of Augustine Caesar, whose thought and actions parallel LKYs. He too, publicly, professed not to want the purple or statues and other monuments of him and his achievements or coins bearing his likeness. Nonetheless he winked and his por lampas proposed all these and had them done anyway. Great piece, CI.

  2. I propose a new Singapore slang where we inject “Harry” into anything we can. Harry Kiri, ” My two Harry balls ” epithet for SAF NCOs, Have yourself a Harry Christmas, of course we should commemorate Harry Birth Day,

  3. Nope, to old fart PAP=govt=S’pore. People never figured much in his consciousness. Afterall he always thought of people as immigrants, digits to be exploited for the preservation & growth of s’pore. And anyway can always import another 5 million digits, no problem.

    to LKY, “The people, the PAP and the government are one”

  4. Very soon they will get every tom dick and harry to refer to HIM as Papa.

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  6. Comment from Tacitus on Augustus was probably apt for our LKY:
    “filial duty and national crisis had been merely pretexts. In actual fact, the motive of Octavian, the future Augustus, was lust for power …”

    Like LKY, Augustus was also fortunate for his time, quoting the Roman Senate’s wish for each Emperor

    “Felicior Augusto, melior Traiano” (be more fortunate than Augustus, better than Trajan), i.e. more good fortune than Augustus and more modesty than Trajan.

    The trouble was what comes after Augustus and Trajan.

    • Hey you left out the other view also articulated by Tacitus that he was a noble Roman doing what he did out of duty. LOL.

  7. It is very unkind of you to mock the NMP calling her the one with useless legs. You can laugh at her for her views which differ from yours but certainly not mock her because of her disability. It puts you in such a poor light as a person and gives me second thoughts of whether I should ever read your blog again, which I have been doing so for some time as I think you sometimes do have valid views although I also note that you can be very dismissive of views which you don’t share.

  8. Well done! How fitting that you compared LKY to the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Augustus.

    Do you know what they have in common? Augustus didn’t found the Roman Empire – it’s forebears already amassed ast swaths of territory. Neither did LKY found Singapore. FYI, he was born here in 1923, when it was the crown jewel of the British Empire. His credit would be not to destroy the colonial legacy left by the British and to let it continue to thrive under the western capitalism.

    if you want PAP to win all seats, you must well call off the elections and become like the CCP where they do internal elections. Then Singapore would truly be run like a corporation, bcos with that, the govt doesn’t need to answer to their citizens.

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