Scholar Eng’s, Amos’s blind relation

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This blogger raises raises an interesting issue in multi-cultural, religious S’pore

[Cassandra Chiu*] may think that she has a right to be in the shop with her [guide]dog, but so do the Muslims who also have the right to patronise the shop. If the shop allows her dog in, what about Muslims who are averse to any contact with dogs? What about people with allergies who cannot be in contact with animal fur and dander? Can they also say that they are being discriminated against if guide dogs are allowed on their premises?

Without going into the rights of the blind vis-avis Muslims or allergics, or how a compromise can be reached, the issue shows the importance of empathy, tolerance and not insisting on one’s “rights” in a multi-racial, cultural society.

Or the need for draconian laws to ensure the peace in the absence of civilised behaviour.

Imagine if there was a Muslim, and an allergic in Zara when doberman Chui was about to stage her wayang? And the Muslim and the person with an allergy to dogs were just as full of their entitlement as she was? The Little India riot would be juzt a walk in the park.

As an owner of two dogs, my view is that this pushy bully of a blind lady is related to scholar Eng and the residents of Fernvale Dale. She should have her dog taken away and made to use a white cane.

Waz even more interesting is that on Facebook there are comments this lady does not signal in anyway that she is blind. Seems shop assistants are taken by surprise when she starts creating a scene. She related to Amos?


*Since the posting by the blogger: “Cassandra Chiu resigns from Guide Dogs Association of the Blind”

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Can’t stop laughing that she was the ambassador for the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind notwithstanding her various public rows. What is even funnier is that the association said “We are also mindful that acceptance requires time and that there needs to be mutual trust, consent and understanding.” And yet the association’s ambassador was one untrained rottweiler going by her repeated public rows.

  1. Haha that’s Gen Y & Z for you. But 1 thing they listen to is $$$$$. Flash some big ones in their faces and they zhui tat lan, awaiting your orders.

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