Cheapo ACS mum can’t sleep over $50 donation

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I’m surprised that this cheap skate’s* children were admitted to ACS:

When contacted by The Straits Times, the housewife, who declined to be named to protect her sons, said: “The letter worked me up so much that I couldn’t sleep. You cannot force people to donate.”

The mother said: “My boys approached relatives, but they did not want to buy. One of my sons was so stressed he wanted to buy the tickets using his own savings but I told him not to do so.” She said it was “too much” to expect each boy to buy $50 worth of tickets as it is not a small sum.

(ST two weeks ago)

I never attended ACS but my neighbours did, and to them (and their parents) $50 (in late 60s and early 70s) was “peanuts” when it came to school donations. As far as they were all concerned, it was the price to pay to study in ACS. A price that they were willing to pay because they wanted a good education (which ACS then offered, and still offers) without the need to get into RI.

Yet this mother says $50 “not a small sum”. So want her kids to mix with the “right” kids but so cheap-skate? Or worse: poor but want to go to ACS? Where got class? Ever hear of keeping up appearances?

And I assume that the family wasn’t planning to attend the funfair. I mean if they were planning to, they’d need tickets?

Come on $50 is now like $1 in the late 60s and early 70s: “peanuts”.

Anyway, I’ll not be surprised if she lives in Ferndale Vale. Another example of lower standards at ACS. It was landed property in my time, no condos, let alone HDB flats.

*The upset housewife was bitchy enough to upload the principal’s letter (original PDF here) to STOMP and claimed that she couldn’t sleep over the letter as she felt that the students were being forced to donate.

Really even TRE is a more classy site than STOMP.

  1. You are going overboard with this rant.

  2. No such thing as free lunch, unless you know how to name & shame & be bitchy.

    That family probably gets lots of practice at retail shops, food courts, restaurants. Bang table, make noise, and get a discount or freebie.

    BTW your estimate of SGD depreciation is a bit off. You said today’s $50 is like $1 back in late 60s / early 70s. Should be $5. Depreciation, or rather inflation is on a scale of about 10 since 1970s till today.

  3. Is your commentary tongue-in-cheek because I find it rather funny?

  4. The issue is not $50 or $500 or even $5,000 and above. The issue is how the ‘donation’ drive was conceived as an exercise that did not seem to give the donor any prerogative to say – no. So the point is, if it’s a force sale, then be honest and call it a force sale. Don’t be cunning and conniving and call it something else which it obviously isn’t.

    You mean this kind of simple thing you also have problems understanding meh?

    Try to have a nice day.

    Darkness 2015

    • ACS has always been clear: Good broad (not so strict qualifiers) is expensive and parents have to cough up for it via donations since school fees are capped.

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