LKY’s missing ideals

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Couldn’t help sniggering when I heard PM say the words I’ve bolded.

“Most importantly, how we honour Mr Lee must be faithful to the ideals he lived by and fought for. Mr Lee made it very clear throughout his life that he did not need and did not want any monument. It was not monuments but ideals that were his chief concern, the ideals upon which he built Singapore: Multi-racialism, equality, meritocracy, integrity, and the rule of law. He hoped these ideals would endure in Singapore beyond him. We can pay no greater tribute to him than to uphold the principles upon which he built this country.

(CNA 13 April reporting PM’s parly speech).

Partly I sniggered because “rule of law” is taken by many to mean “rule of law as interpreted by Harry” or as an academic and lawyer (ex-wife of the Pet Minister called it, “Rule by Law”. Btw, she’s now working in Washington DC with I think the trade union of the US lawyers.

But mostly because of several ideals of LKY’s that he left out:

— mistrust of the plebs public;

— materialism;

— welfare is always bad:

— “Work will set you free”;

— “To each his own” or “Everyone gets what he deserves”;

— FTs better than locals because they spur locals; and

— “Harry’s way or the highway”.

But I’ll credit him for one thing good. Although he called himself a socialist when he entered politics, he would even then have agreed with Margaret Thatcher that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

To that I say Amen. I can forgive a lot if a man has the right idea.

  1. No wonder 16-year old big boy Amos Yee is so confused as he has been pledging “to build a democratic society in Singapore” for so many years, but mentor Lee’s son PM Lee does purposely delete “to build a democratic society”.

  2. Ehh, communism also upholds those 5 ideals what. Even if one succeeds by joining the inner communist party & gaining favours — this also shows meritocracy by the fact that the fellow even bothered and displayed drive and was capable of rising & outshining other human beings.

  3. We are extremely far from “running out of other people’s money”…… oops our own money which the government has plenty of. Very important difference between Harry the Enforcer and Maggie the Handbag.

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