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Robotic humanoid Yangyang

“Yangyang sounds like another of China’s panda diplomats, a cute animal transferred to a foreign zoo worldwide to project Beijing’s image abroad,” says the Times.

“But this particular foreign envoy is a very different creature. She greets you with a smile, shakes your hand and accepts a hug, all day and all night. She’ll respond to you in several languages, and show happiness, anger and everything in between.”

The paper explains that Yangyang is the very latest in robotic humanoids, stealing the limelight this week at a mobile internet exhibition in China’s capita

The Times says she wowed the audience with her presentation in Mandarin Chinese, and greeted fans with her mechanically firm handshake.

The Guardian devotes its centre-spread Eyewitness feature to Yangyang showing off a series of human-like facial expressions.

The Mail notes her “uncanny resemblance” to the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The paper says it is hoped that one day such robots could be used as hotel receptionists, or even to care for the elderly.

Doubtless Goh Meng Seng and Gilbert Goh and their cybernut followers will say that new citizen Han Hui Hui is preferable.Image result for han hui hui

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