Shouldn’t this mum get serious money?/ Don’t let kids suffer for mum’s sins

In Political governance, Public Administration on 03/06/2015 at 4:49 am

In S’pore, money talks, BS walks as Amos Yee pointed out when castigating the good-hearted kay pohs, anti-PAP ang moh tua kees like Roy Ngerng, Shelly Thio, Lynn Lee and Kirsten Han who did everything to help him except stand bail. Since then, they have become very quiet about him. When asked about “Amos Yee, freedom fighter, Harry slimer”, they mumble that he went beyond the pale ’cause of the false accusation he made that his bailor molested him, and his flip flops about an apology.

Why do you think, they treat him like a leper? Because that the slimer of Harry turns out to be foul-mouth brat who speaks the truth about the hypocrisy of the ang moh tua kees, and not a knight in shining armour out to defeat the evil dragon Harry?

Seriously given the exhort ions to S’poreans to breed more, and the incentives given to couples breed, it’s surprising that this lady with six kids is in such dire straits. She should be paid prize money for having six kids, not made to suffer, for having six of them.

She is a 29-year-old unemployed single mother with six children from five to 13 years old. She lives in a tiny flat, just 30 square metres, with little furnishing.

There is no dining table, so the children eat their otah-otah with rice and chillies crouched on the floor.

The children share the single bedroom – their only bedding is mattresses and thick blankets. Nurhaida sleeps on the sofa in the living room.

She receives weekly groceries from charities, as well as about S$600 ($474, £262) a month in government aid and money from a boyfriend. But she admits that it is difficult to make ends meet. She has not been able to afford asthma medicine for her second daughter for months.

“No one can afford to get sick in this house because our finances are too tight. It’s quite tough and a struggle for me to be raising them up,” she said.

“I have to look after this house 24/7… so for me if I were to find a job, it would have to be a night job, so that once they are in bed, I can go out and the older kids can watch the young ones.”

Sad for the kids too.

We don’t know whether she had some or all of the kids out of wedlock. But if the govt can on pragmatic grounds decide not to prosecute under 377A (despite saying that the majority of S’poreans have public morality problems with gays), why can’t it ignore any issues of public morality in her case and provide her with more funding. And if she had the kids in wedlock, then the govt’s behaviour is disgusting.

Whatever the circumstances of the case, the govt  should give her a free four room flat. After all she is doing something that the govt wants S’poreans to do: breed more. If more were like her, we’d not need FTs. But then maybe taz the real reason for not funding her: the PAP administration wants FTs.

And she can’t be a bad mom because if she was one I’m sure my RI PreU class-mate, Ang Bee Lian, would have made orders to remove the children from her care.


  1. Compassion is one angle.

    I’d like to tap the opinions of any evaluating viewers here on their thoughts if they would care to share.

    Many times when I read a social situation similar to this, I cannot help but think why did the mother have so many kids ?

    If it is a capital crime to take a life, shouldn’t there be social justice equivalent for creating too many babies knowing well there is an insufficient ability to care for them by the creating mother?

    Then I stop short, because this slippery slopes goes down the road of possible birth quota and genetic preference and selection.

    That being said, given the limited resources in the world, an enlightened society should emphasize on quality instead of quantity of its citizenry.

    The actions of the citizens is a reflection of the maturity of thought and progressiveness of the society itself.

    Quantity of life vs quality of life

    A natural human has an 80 year expectancy in Singapore. To some offspring, that is 80 years of pain, stress, injustice, emotional and intellectual immaturity, and forced “slavery” and “responsibility” to their family which they never had a choice to be born into under the guise of filial piety. Kinda like the opposite ends of an evolution lottery.

    If bringing a kid into this world has to be for a noble reason, let it be for the parents love of the world, and the desire to share the beauty in the world with this love child for no want of anything in return.

    Because, as I read the unspoken vibes from the many informal sharings from my social network, many parents are guilty of imposing their inability to achieve their goals through parental pressures for success vicariously through their offsprings.

    And this can be a perpetual cycle for many families and their succeeding generations… which at this moment, feels like there is too much off in the Singaporean system.

    And on balance, less of such parental “slavery” will allow for more individual freedom of pursuits, with invariably potentially bigger missteps along the way, but also bigger achievements as offsprings feel ultimately responsibility for their forward looking lives with the maximum freedom to fail or succeed, with an appreciation but not shackles to their roots.

    Which I believe, as a private citizen will be a true measure of a top quality enlightened and evolved society.

  2. In the old days, people sign on army to escape poverty, army do realise this, that’s why the bar to entry are low even by today’s standards.

  3. There is a very obvious reason why they cannot sign on in the army – according to someone it was only an aspiration for us to be one united people regardless of race……

  4. Honestly I think we should encourage responsible family planning. If you a free flat to every female who decides to have 6 children, with little regard on raising them properly, then I rather we take talented FTs any day. A growing number of bloodsuckers will do no one any good.

    • Missing my point. What happens when it doesn’t happen ir the system fails? Suffer the children? As to cost, it’s not as though parents are dying to have babies, here they prefer pets: why we got a pet minister who has a lot more clout than the Malay, Indian or eurasian minister.

      Seems you believe in eugenics? Like LKY.

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