Disgusting post on TRE/ Cybernut mob at work (Update)

In Internet on 08/06/2015 at 5:52 am

I received a lot of personal attacks on TRE for posting this

This is my response I posted earlier this morning on TRE

Andrew Teo*, I’m a S’porean who did NS. Better still I’ve paid more in taxes between the mid 80s and mid 90s, than you could ever paid in yr life time. People like me pay income tax to support irrational people like you.

If you had KPKBed if there was an accident when circumstances were normal, I’d not say anything. Likely to even join in attacking the govt. But there was an earthquake, so you come across as one of those that die die must curse PAP for everything.

Andrew Teo and the other cybernuts, this practice has been going on for years, yet this is first time you guys KPKBed. Could it be that no-one has died or seriously injured before this event.

GE is coming and the middle ground of voters that can be persuaded to vote against the PAP (those who voted for Dr Tan in PE)will not be impressed by yr antics of hate and blame.

I as voter of WP since I could vote (even voted for ex-Woodbridge patient), am not impressed by this outburst of hate and blame.


*This is how he responded to my post

Andrew Teo:

Dear Cynical Investor,

I am a parent and a patriotic Singaporean. I have the right to speak up against anything I feel is wrong.

You think my letter and the forum is disgusting? Then get the FXXX OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!! We don’t need you and your dirty money.

So what now? I can’t speak up? Try getting the police to arrest me. I DARE YOU!!!!

Even the police officers arresting me have young kids.
Even the investigating officers interrogating me have young kids.
Even the judges prosecuting me have young kids.
Even all the readers here have young kids.
Even YOU have young kids!!!


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Given his incivility and intolerance of contrary views (reminds one of the PAP doesn’t it?), he is a true son of S’pore that one Harry would be proud of
  1. Dude, its TRE. Are they still relevant or not? Nowadays I very seldom see people sharing TRE posts, to be honest. TRE is still a platform for the same few % of hardcore people. Heck even TRS had more outreach than them before they were closed down. Now practically not much also. No more 400K likes for any of its replacements and for those other sites like ASS and TOC even. What more TRE? They never seemed to get the really widespread popularity like those few in the first place? Anyway did this guy really submit a petition like he said should be? For Minister to resign? If in the end he didn’t do it, then its another talk no action example?

    In 2011, commentators on sites like TRE claim to be the game changer for the opposition to win votes against the PAP. In 2016, just my prediction, they will be the catalyst of defeat for whatever opposition that make use of them. IMHO, better to follow WP’s example and stay clear from these people.

  2. On the topic at hand, even on sites like ASS, you go take a look, there are at least half or more of the posters saying its a natural disaster, don’t look for something to blame.

    TRE hardcores like to bring up the fact that they are “speaking up”. Nobody said they cannot speak up. But after they do, there might be people who speak up against them. These are the people who cannot take that fact. I’ve always said that TRE posters actually copy the negative traits of the PAP in many of their words and actions and here is another example.

  3. Does that Andrew Teo realise the chances of being hit with injury / death in NS is about a 1,000X higher than going on overseas school excursions? Many hidden injuries sustained in NS are musculoskeletal which don’t show up until in your early-to-mid 30s. By then Mindef will deny all liabilities & shove you their lawyer & specialist letters to deny all facts. Andrew is relishing throwing his sons into the meatgrinder. Hope he doesn’t have to organise funerals for his NS sons, or to have their arms / legs blown off & he having to work until his 80s to support them. Well at least Mindef compensates you for about $200K-$250K if you up the lorry — much better than the $10K pittance which continued until the late-1990s.

  4. I can only conclude when the brain is missing and growing at the wrong place, its pointless to argue with these cybernuts or idiots. Save your breath and watch your blood pressure. 🙂

  5. After the tragedy, MOE and our MSM went into full gear to sell the story that climbing Mt Kinabalu is “safe”. This at odds with the number of deaths of people attempting to climb the mountain. The following is a web site giving a partial list: Even without a natural disaster like an earthquake, the mortality rate appears quite high with a recorded death occurring once every 2 to 3 years. Climbing a mountain is never a “safe” activity. It is one thing if you are an adult and you make an informed decision to risk your own life. It is another thing altogether to risk the lives of a group of 12 year olds and then run away from responsibility when tragedy happens by telling lies that it was “safe”.

  6. If you have read the blog carefully, its generally safe but accidents do happen. it also have a hyperlink posing this question. Check out the link.

    Btw, may I check with you Statistician Spss, in a year, how many Singaporean kids died or injured from traffic accidents every year. Do you think there is a need that we should all our kids at home?

  7. The Malaysians have not come out to openly say that it is unsafe for young children aged 12 to be climbing Mt Kinabalu. Moving forward, they will be looking to impose a minimum age limit of 15 yrs.

    How will the PAP IB and MSM spin this now?

  8. Posting from a neutral “non-crazy” observer who climbed Mt Kinabalu and why he thought it was dangerous folly to do it with a group of 12 year olds.

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