Laments of Amos’s mum & why she should get real

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TOC published a moving lament by Mary Toh on her feelings (“It has been a very exhausting journey these last few months for everyone in the family …” and I wish he could be home with me so I can care for him”) on her son’s plight.

She has right on her side when she asks

I understand that block 7 is where they also keep the truly mentally ill patients, and those who have committed crimes or offences and who are also mentally unsound.

It is also where my son is being held.

I wondered why my son, who is here to be assessed if he has autism, is kept here in the same block as those who are mentally ill.

The authorities should explain to her and the public why  if he has autism, is kept here in the same block as those who are mentally ill.

But methinks she refuses to see Amos and herself as anything more than victims when they are actually major players, their decisions impacting on what is happening to them.

“Amos made a video and ended up in a mental institute.”: What a misrepresentation of the facts.

She left out the following: Amos,had spat on the offer of probation that the state had preferred and which his lawyer and his mother had advised him to accept. He has reposted the offending material, and posted nasty comments about the judge. And he had earlier broken his bail conditions. All these and the false allegation that his bailor had molested him and his flip floppng on an apology to the bailor make him a victim of a vengeful state? Come on.

In a peaceful place like S’pore, this is tantamount to the Joker’s or Penguin’s misdeeds in Gotham City.


He wishes that he could sleep at home and go for daily assessment, but that is not what the court ordered.

Given his track record can he be trusted to go for the daily assessments? Remember he refused to meet his probation officer and was bitching about having to go to the police station and 9.00am because he wanted to sleep when he was on bail awaiting trial?

He juz wants the world to revolve round his wishes. And who is largely responsible for this sense of entitlement? Who calls him “fantasttic” and laughs off his bad behaviour? Not his dad, it’s mummy.

Given that

Amos is now exhausted, and yes, frightened. And I can understand why.

He has been remanded in prison for so long* (40 days now) – even before he is sentenced – that he probably feels things no longer make sense.,

why not advise him to

— say sorry to Vincent Law (his bailor) and the judge (remember he abused her), and

— give the passwords to his lawyer to privatise all his posts and not repost the offending posts. According to his lawyer Alfred Dodwell he had agreed to privatisingthe posts  and removing the offending posts.

These actions will show that he’s willing to play ball.

Finally, someone should lend her a video of “One flew over a cuckoo’s nest” so that she can see that rebelling can have awful consequences for the rebel

Hopefully she can pass the message on to Amos.

Oh and btw, the original offences are no longer relevant. Amos and his mum have put in motion a juggernaut, nothing can stop it now. The judge, if Amos cooperates, can mitigate the consequences, but it takes two hands to clap.


*Hello, why didn’t she offer bail pending trial? She wanted other people’s money for that.







  1. He’s in block 7 because he is under investigation for offense. Those who are arrested and remanded by judges for psychiatric review are all done at IMH block 7. This block is the only psychiatric block purposely built for prison-like control, with secured doors & checkpoints / guardposts at all levels & at the entrance manned by cisco personnel / prisons officers.

    Btw, all other blocks also contain “truly mentally ill” patients. There are also plenty of patients with violent symptoms in these other blocks.

    Becoz he has been found guilty & under remand, he no longer has civilian privileges. No going to KK Hospital as outpatient in posh air-con office to be assessed by their specialist. Now anything to do with brain, go to prison block at IMH for assessment.

    Even if authorities allow Amos to be assessed as outpatient at IMH i.e. everyday bring him to IMH block 7, Amos will still be incarcerated at Changi prison. It’s not like he can go home and take his own sweet time to report to IMH, if ever.

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  3. I think maybe some of the usual gang have forgotten how he turned against Vincent Law. That was a real game changer. I read at least 2 bloggers who spoke up for him, saying that his video on LKY should not be made into a crime, but when it came to what he did to Vincent, they then turned around and said they didn’t think it would be wrong then, for him to be charged with defamation and harassment.

    Just wondering, if now he is being held because Vincent is the one pressing charges, I wonder what would these people be saying. Would the UN Human Rights group then intervene? Would there be cries of “He’s just a 16 year old?” Would Vincent be demonized in this case for wanting to sue? We’ll never find out I guess, but interesting thought.

    • Exactly. Those that support him will cheer him on and even supported his 6000 poorly written attack against humble Vincent Law. Oh my gosh, are these people blind? So Amos is their hero. If he shits on XYZ, they will do the same. He’s no hero just because he made a video and drew a caricature. But no, his supporters just don’t care. Surprisingly, none of them, none of them I say, have:

      1) Ever bothered to bail him out but instead send him 20k of free money that is not accounted for. Funny, these supporters hate the no-accountability of a certain political party. But they are willing to throw money to a kid who they barely know.

      2) Ever bothered to ask their offspring or relatives to try an “Amos Yee”, ie. photoshop a picture or make a video like he did or falsely accuse someone of molesting them.

      And this goes to UNHCR as well

  4. Interesting legal perspective on how the State have various avenues to make you serve jail time without and before passing sentence.

    So the State is now using the pretense that he insulted Christianity to punish him for turning against his bailer Vincent and for insulting the judge, not that he made a video calling a certain dead man a horrible person?

    • Pls read again. All we are saying is that there are consequences when one keeps flouting the law. Example: if he hadn’t flouted bill conditions, he could be out on bail pending appeal. Want to yaya papaya don’t expecyt to be able to get Mummy to care for you. Juz grin and bear.

      • But I think mom is behind it all. Mom approved him posting the video online. Mom supported him (or so I gather from facebook) when he described his mental molestation–bleah. Mom didn’t say a word when he wrote about Dad’s abuse (also really questionable). Mom didn’t say anything whne he posted during his bail terms, after his sentence, his cursing of the woman who passed him chocolate…

        Mom pulling the strings?

      • Don’t think of her as puppet master. She juz goes along with what he wants to do and justifies it. Yup that attack on bailor by mother and son was the last straw. She should have said sorry for her son’s attack, not excuse it.

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