What Amos and Meng Seng have in common? Con’td

In Humour on 19/07/2015 at 1:33 pm

When TRE republished, it added this photo

Trying to imitate this?

Image result for amos yee

They both trying to audition for the next Planet of the Apes movie? I hear there’s a role for a clowning chimp that takes on the gorillas and gets beaten up for his efforts. Amos would have a hard start on GMS for this role, given his recent spell in remand and our very own Arkham.,

Goh Meng Seng for all his blustering braggadocio hasn’t suffered at the hands of the PAP administration, unlike Amos. In fact, GMS helped ensure the victory of the PAP’s preferred presidential candidate by advising, helping Tan Kin Lian run a clownish election campaign. Incidentally, he had been encouraging, flattering TKL to run since 2008.

Seriously GMS was taking part in a “protest” in support of Amos, the boy fantastic. He jetted in from HK for a flying visit. He got his own private set?

Btw, notice that GMS was using a pink polo shirt. Is he courting the LGBT vote, imitating Pinkie or signalling his intention to the president of the No Substance Party that  he’s still available. Yes, I know the NSP’s official polo  shirt is orange, but using an orange polo shirt is too obvious, a signal.

Image result for GOh Meng Seng


  1. Maybe the PPP will be declared as atheist so years later AY can join.

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