Real Oppo politicians/ Creating the grounds for a revolution

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A reader of my blof in responding to explained the difference between a cybernut like “Oxygen” and an oppo politician.

To convert a quarter of the pro-PAP voters. Exactly. Except that how are TRE cybernuts or anyone that is closely related to do them going to do it?

There is a distinct difference if you see how opposition parties engage the issue, and how cybernuts do. Real opposition polticians keep their arguments framed against the PAP and it’s policies. All others, civil servants, public/private sectors, they see them also as Singaporeans, people whom they will one day lead and serve.

Cybernuts on the other hand, feel free to mock and trample over their fellow Singaporeans so long as they can get back at the PAP. They are not interested in winning votes to be honest. When you have been busy mocking 60% for being daft, now you say you want to convert them over to your side?

I’m sure he means people like the Chiams, the WP leaders, the NSP leaders, and even Dr Chee. But this description doesn’t fit one Goh Meng Seng.

Seriously, paper  militant Marxists like grave-dancer Oxygen believe that by shouting and cursing at the PAP and ordinary S’poreans, they can change the ground.

It’s a tenet of militant  Marxist activists that if the conditions for revolution are not yet perfect, they can hasten the process of perfection. Using violence, strikes, agitprop etc to weaken the economy, they can force the state into being more repressive, upsetting ordinary citizens. There will come a time when the people are more upset by the tactics of the state than that of the revolutionaries,  then that’s the time to seize power.

Grace-dancer Oxygen and friends are hoping that by cursing S’pore and ordinary S’poreans bad things (like a property crash) will happen. Then S’poreans will rise against the PAP.  They should learn from history. To this day many of the detainees of Operations Coldstore and Spectrum say bad things about the way S’pore is run. But the economy and standards of living remain decent. Could be better though which is why this blog keeps on pricckling the PAP administration.

  1. Dude, thanks for sharing my comments. I’m not sure about militant marxist tactics and so on, so no comments there.

    But with regards to folks like oxygen and other TRE cybernuts, I actually think their lives are sad. In a way they are greater slaves to the PAP than they know. Most politically apathetic people might be ignorant, yes, but they pursue more simply and perhaps “shallow” happiness in life and generally make the most about what they have. To those who get disatisfied along the way, they might change their vote, they might seek opportunities overseas.

    TRE cybernuts like oxygen however are mentally slaves to the PAP and what happens to it. They spend 20 years of their life carrying a chip on their shoulder, wondering why the PAP has not fallen, why people still carry on the same in Singapore. Why do people queue up to pay their respects to Lee Kuan Yew and so on. Why has disaster not befallen Singapore, and so on.

    And it starts to eat them up from the inside. Because they cannot, or will not do anything worthwhile to make what they want to see happen, but at the same time, they also cannot stop thinking/talking about it 24/7.

    And these are the saddest, most pathetic kind of people around because they find it hard to achieve inner peace and self happiness.

    • In case of grave dancer Oxygen, it’s even worse. He claims to have migrated to Oz in 80s. As I’ve posted on TRE, he must be babging his balls that he didn’t get a “cheap” HDB flat: $30,000 for a four room one. )))))

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