Where property prices will cheong after GE

In Humour, Property on 03/08/2015 at 5:06 am

As you know, I think Roy Ngerng talks rubbish: but he’s got an interesting insight into three GRCs, Jurong, Tampines and West Coast GRCs – the PAP has consolidated these areas and largely left them intact, which means they will likely field who they consider to be their strong candidates in these areas. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam currently helms the Jurong GRC.

… the PAP already has development plans in mind and have redrawn the boundaries to allow it (it hopes) to hold on to certain constituencies so that it can fully develop these areas according to its wants. In that sense, the PAP has parcelled out Singapore into areas it considers important to keep for its growth-at-all-cost model, and those which it considers less important.

And if you understand what it means when the PAP wants to develop these areas, it means that the PAP wants to build more shopping malls, increase rents, increase prices, increase revenue for themselves and allow themselves to get rich. So, you want to let them?

Well looking at these three areas, not as a cybernut hero but as a rational investor, residents in these areas would be daft to vote Oppo. They should vote for the PAP in overwhelming numbers to make sure the candidates of s/o JBJ (West coast), and No Substance Party (Jurong and Tampines lose their deposits.

The MIW should be so grateful and make living in these places even better.

Whatever it is, the PAP will not lose these three areas: even Goh Meng Seng, cybernut personified, realises this. Hence he is not contesting in Tampines despite the fact that in 2011 Meng Seng’s brother gave his life in the fight for Tampines. The brother had a heart attack while campaigning for Meng Seng.

So go check out properties in these three GRCs.




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