The ugly reality about uni education

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Somone by the name of David Libling made this comment last week on an FT article about education (Empasis mine)

The tradition from the great public schools and Oxbridge is to teach the Classics. That evolved into the American College which encourages a wide exploration concentrated on the Humanities. The theory behind both movements is that the content of education is unimportant and the primary purpose is the development of twin capacities, that of the skill of learning and critical thinking. However, education including tertionary education, is now a mass phenomenon. In the process, the rigorous intellectual training to which the Humanities once aspired, is largely absent from most Colleges. As importantly, very few College attendees can afford further training after finishing College. To be worth the time and the consequent debt, Colleges, especially the non-elite ones need to teach practical courses with sufficient sequential requirements to provide skills even if that impedes the pleasure of smorgasbord education.
Looks like rote learning is not confined to S’pore unis.
Last Saturday, a friend (NUS graduate in Biz) told me that he only learnt to think when in middle age he did his masters in a science based topic . His first degree was simply rote learning.
  1. the true ugly reality, is that Singaporean born university graduates, across the generations both past and present, whether of overseas or local education…. were bred to hold silent pride and false sense of achievement on how “prestigious” and “global recognised” their alma mater was.

    I don’t see Elon Musk bragging about his Alma Mater.

    It is time for Singapore to evolve to aspire towards, and hopefully bring to reality, recognise and applaud true achievements. a.k.a. Singapore born and bred inventor who successfully created thumbdrive, better widget, sun tracking solar.

    Instead of applauding a piece of paper….. which I am sure will serve “immense purpose” when trying to demonstrate cultural dominance if said Singaporean were thrown into a foreign township.

    What were need our young to be is globally competitive regardless of which social economic structure said Singapore is parachuted into, ready to give global inventors a run for their money.

    Not some bespectacled reliable economic cog, that will still be economic slave 2 generations down, and possibly extinct by the 4th…. no matter what system he/she is born into.

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