The real Ravi Superhero

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Not that Ravi standing for RP in AMK but telling people to vote for the PAP but this Ravi (I know him)

I come from a disadvantaged family and went to work after completing my GCE ‘O’ Level, at the age of 16, despite qualifying for higher education. I worked as a store-hand making just $300 so that I can help my mother. With an absent father in my life, my mother was my hero, and being the eldest child, my sense of duty compelled and pushed me into the adult world.

Even then, I knew that education was the great leveller. I pushed myself and completed the GCE ‘A’ Level and other diploma courses while working. Today I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Management) from Heriot-Watt University.

The Singapore back then, the political leaders and policies back then, provided various opportunities for me and allowed me to dream.  With hard work and perseverance, I rose from being a store-hand to be the Director of a welfare agency.

Our children and their children must not lose this ability to dream. Our leaders today are telling them that they don’t need a degree, that you can be a hawker, or a crane operator – that good qualifications no longer guarantee a good job. While saying all these, they are granting S-Passes, employment passes and permanent residency to foreigners with degrees.

With this being the situation now, what is the kind of a future that awaits our children? Will there be enough opportunities for them in their own country? Or will they be subordinate to better-qualified foreigners?

When someone who benefited from the way LKY and his gang did things, now is concerned about his children’s future under a PAP administration led by LKY’s son, the PAP today is not the same PAP that LKY and the old guard founded and ran, and something is wrong, very wrong.

And he needs the MP allowance. He had to resign from his job to contest. If he loses, he still has got HDB mortgage to pay and family to support.

  1. If he had bot his HDB in the 80s, early 90s, or early 2000s, he should have finished paying the mortgage by now, or at least have enough in both CPF ordinary accounts to pay off in 1-shot.
    I guess he should be able to return to his previous welfare organisation if he’s not elected. Without this backdoor it would be rather irresponsible towards his family especially if they really need his salary to get by. If he gets elected in, then the $15+K will be a real bonus as I doubt his previous salary is even close to it.
    That being said, I wish my constituency has opposition candidates like him (and also Tambyah & CSJ). But like I said before, even though I find my crop of opposition politicians to be worse than dogs & cockroaches, I’m still voting for them.

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