Relax all, don’t panic, despair or gloat

In Political governance on 14/09/2015 at 4:53 am

PAPpies, anti-PAPpies, pro-Oppos and all cybernuts should chill out. The PAPies and their cybernuts should not gloat. The rest: don’t panic or despair or migrate..

As an ang moh expert* says

Singaporeans expected to be heard and felt at least in part they were reasonably so. The PAP’s optimal victory in swinging the pendulum in its favour was hard work in an intense contest. It will also require hard work ahead.

If anything the 2015 election shows is that the pendulum can indeed swing back.


The burden is now on the opposition to move beyond ‘walking the ground’ in specific constituencies and capitalising on anger, to developing a broader appeal that reaches those not politically active. Improving performance in parliament and focusing less on personality will be essential ingredients in this process.

Maybe this is why the PM and other ministers and MPs are restraint in their reaction,

For the PAP, one of the biggest challenges will be complacency.

The effort that was invested in securing the outcome and the timing of the 2015 polls will not be replicable. The large margins in many seats – even mistakenly perceived close seats – and the almost 10 per cent swing toward the incumbent party should not be seen as an ‘easy win’.

Unlike their supporters like Calvin Cheng who are gloating on social media .

(But Calvin Cheng, who pays to have his rubbish pollute Facebook, has this cute pix on Facebook. Goh Meng Seng must be upset. His People’s Parachutist Party doesn’t feature, as does SDA.)

Which neatly brings me back to the swing of the pendulum. If people like Goh Meng Seng (Parachutist Extraordinaire: Three GEs, three different parties, three different GRCs and declining share of votes) and the other clowns (think the Chiams**, SDA, Sebastian Teo, s/o JBJ) believe in the pendelum swing, they’ll be back in next GE with their antics, diluting the Oppos’ message yet again, making the PAP really happy.


*Bridget Welsh is a Senior Research Associate of the Center for East Asia Democratic Studies of the National Taiwan University where she conducts research on democracy and politics in Southeast Asia. She is also an Associate Fellow at The Habibie Center and University Fellow at Charles Darwin University. 

She lectured and researched at SMU before going to Taiwan. She went to school in KL and while a real ang moh, speaks with a Malayan accent. She’s a real expert on M’sian and S’porean affairs. She’s even stayed in Dayak longhouses in the course of her .

**Very sad to have to say this. He should have retired after GE 2011, if not before that GE.

  1. STFU

    About “Thoughts of a Cynical Investor”

    The purpose of this blog is to entertain by providing, I hope, witty, critical and acerbic analysis of companies’ strategies, financials, and management. In particular to analyse the difference between what managers say they are doing, and the truth.

    Just so everyone is clear where I am coming from — I analyse and write from the perspective of a small investor who tries to invest in “special situations”: unfashionable companies that are experiencing change in their returns due to internal factors, such as restructuring, or external factors, like industry changes. Or whose high, consistent dividend payouts are ignored by the the market. Trading is not my style.

    As I do not hold any adviser’s licence, I will have take care to ensure that no-one can complain that I am giving advice. And please do not ask for advice on market conditions or stocks.

    So STFU….. all political stuffs …. hiding behind your smoke screen of Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.

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  3. All talk no action, and worst still… all the wrong action, yep vote for the PAP and make the opposition work harder and get their house in order before they can even speak up Singapore. Yo f!@#3r, your mom drop you on your head and you can count! Stupid fuc# change your link to Thoughts of a Cynical Singaporean! Just like the opposition misleading the rest.

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