Amos Yee: The anti-PAP caravan moves on

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Double confirm, Amos is history, a celebrity no more. The anti-PAP paper (or cyber) warriors and activists ignored the end of the saga (or is it farce?) “Amos the Freedom Fighter: S’pore’s Nelson Mandela”. There was hardly a word on new media about the dismissal of his appeal.

Amos (Mummy’s Boy Fantastic) had an appeal against his conviction and jail sentence dismissed by the High Court on Oct 8. was found guilty of two charges in May, after a two-day trial. He was convicted of one count of making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity and one count of circulating obscene imagery.

Justice Tay Yong Kwang said: “Yee used offending words against the central figure of the Christian religion.”

“Yee’s attitude of complete disregard for others … is not commonly seen. He did not respect anyone.” He had “openly defied” court orders and made sure his “bravado” was made known. Judge got this about right.

The defence argued that Yee was exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech and provoke “critical discussion”. Said Mr Dodwell: “Yes, Amos has been rude but were his actions a crime?”

Justice Tay said (rightly in my view): “This is not freedom of speech, this is a licence to hate, to humiliate others and to totally disregard their feelings or beliefs by using words to inflict unseen wounds”. It seems like Yee is throwing stones at his neighbour’s flat to force the neighbour to notice him, (and) come out to quarrel.”

“Yee used coarse, hard-hitting words to arouse emotions … vulgar insults to deliberately provoke readers and draw them out,” he said, adding that the 16-year-old should “wean himself off his preference for crude, rude language (and engage in) real debate”, which can “flourish in an environment of goodwill, reasoning and civil language”. Hear, hear.

The activists (paper and real) that were egging him on are silent e.g. the members of Community Action Network (CAN: Shelley Thio, Lynn Lee, Joshua Chiang, Jolovan Wham, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Rachel Zeng, Roy Ngerng and Martyn See.), Maruah, Aware, and Dr Chee.

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He has served his purpose as an instrument to attack the administration of justice here. Their caravan has moved on, in search of the next instrument to attack the PAP administration, the administration of justice etc.

But to be fair, I’m sure these anti-PAP activists will say they don’t want to go to jail for criticising the judge’s reasoning.

But no need to feel sorry for Amos. He didn’t bother to turn up for the hearing despite asking his lawyers to appeal, and despite them working for free.

Mother Mary sure knows how to bring up a kid.


  1. after he has done his NS (likely to be in SCDF), him and his mom will be packing their bags and immigrating to a western country (or maybe hk).

    • Good riddance to bad rubbish. He will have to explain his criminal record. LOL. Immigration officials in Western countries tend to be conservatives. Liberals don’t do grunt work. They’s rather be unemployed.

    • And insult those countries leaders. Lots of Western countries are Christian-oriented/dominated. HK also.

  2. the local opp members and supporters to nominate him to be next year’s nobel peace prize winner ?

  3. There’s nary a squeak from the liberal rights set here, not just on this case now, but for those four charged with the YMCA incident. Roy, their comrade in arms up till election day, has since then not bothered to put in a word on any of these cases. Just look at the four of them. Previously all dressed to the hilt, proudly allowing themselves to be photographed outside the courtroom. Now, all head down, don’t want to look at the camera.

    The only noise coming out in support for these people now are from the TRE cybernuts. But you know what, at least they are consistent with the support.

    How about those so called “more moderate” liberal/alternative media folks. “Opinion influencers.” People like Terry Xu, Andrew Loh, Kirsten Han, Rachel Zeng, and all these. When there’s some political mileage to be gained from speaking about your case, they will speak up for you, even no matter how disgusting your behaviour is. Despite many of them not liking Roy’s behaviour, they chose to turn a blind eye to him, while focusing what they can on the authorities in his case. They will talk of rights, of fixing, of unequal treatment, etc.

    But the moment you prove to be ineffective in helping what they want, that’s it, drop you like a potato. Move on to the next one. After all, these guys always have to show that they take the moral high ground, don’t they?

  4. As I said, no one from the political West cared–Obama, Cameron, Aussies UN etc. No world leader imposed sanctions.

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