Swiss standard S’pore should introduce

In Environment on 17/10/2015 at 4:36 am

Cutting the level of noise pollution. What with plans for 6.9 people by 2030. surely in addition to building more flats and improving public tpt services (both works in progress), it’s time to lower noice pollution levels?

Making a din in Geneva will be more costly in future, after the authorities announced a steep increase in fines for noise disturbances.

Until recently, the canton fined people up to 150 francs ($156; £100) after noise complaints, but under the new system that will be the minimum amount, the 20 minutes news website reports. Someone shouting in the street can expect the lowest fine, but if car horns wake up an entire neighbourhood the penalty could reach 1,000 francs, the canton’s Attorney General Olivier Jornot says.

Car owners whose exhaust silencers aren’t working properly can now expect a fine of 500 francs, rather than the 50 to 100 francs of old. And there will be limits on how long celebrations can go on after a sporting event, decided on a case-by-case basis, the website reports.

  1. Don’t you know that in Swiss city flats you don’t flush or bathe after 10pm to 5am so as to avoid disturbing neighbours?? That’s why the large replacement of “silent” toilet flushers since 2000 — newer flats all come with silent flushers.
    Only in the poorer areas or slums that you find people fuck care & make noise. They also keep their assault rifles & GPMGs at home, so if they feel like it they can open fire on full rock-and-roll at 1,000,000,000 decibels.
    Btw shops in Geneva were selling used GPMGs at around 5000 francs (that was more than 10 yrs ago), too expensive for me though. Although it’s a freaking steal now.

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