Haze: Indon govt protecting plantation cos

In Environment, Indonesia on 23/10/2015 at 4:48 am

Our govt has officially requested Jakarta to provide S’pore with the names of those companies that are causing the fires. This would allow S’pore to take legal action against those responsible for the haze that has covered us, M;sia and now southern Thailand.

But Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Luhut Pandjaitan has given us us the finger on the issue (and in so doing tells us that the plantation cos are being protected), despite Indonesian officials regularly blaming S’pore-based (and M’sian based) cos for the fires.

Speaking to the media here after delivering a public lecture on Monday (Oct 19), he said Jakarta might consider releasing the names of the companies after they have gone though the legal process in Indonesia*.

Jakarta has said it is not yet ready to officially disclose names of plantation companies responsible for the forest fires in the country that caused the haze in the region.

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Luhut Pandjaitan said releasing the names would create uncertainty within the country.

He added that the Indonesian government also do not want to create an uncertain situation within the country because of this. “Moving forward, they know that they are going to get punished by the government. I think this is very important.

“But next year, we have already given them a clear message: We are going to revoke their licence, no question about that. That I can assure you. They understand that fully.” 


So it seems that the companies are to be given yet another chance to avoid being named and shamed, and prosecuted here. Did money cdhange hands ?

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*Legal process, what legal process? He said: “Well, we are not protecting (plantation companies). Like I mentioned earlier, we have not officially submitted the names to the court. So how can we disclose them to the public? It’s unfair. We’ll wait for the court’s final decision.” 

How can courts decide if the names are not officially submitted? So Kafkaesque    of, relating to, or suggestive of Franz Kafka or his writings; especially :  having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality <Kafkaesque bureaucratic delays>

Did money change hands?


  1. Like I have always known & said, Indoes will only reveal foreign firms (i.e. competitors) and not their own corporations. Even then, the Indoes stonewalled repeated requests to reveal firms until this year.

    CI, you should know that what is legal isn’t necessarily what is right or ethical. Laws & legal / bureaucratic processes are simply rules & behaviors determined by the ruling powers (whether parliaments or kings) to be “right” or “good” and either accepted by or coerced upon a particular society.

    • Their problem is that they can’t make up their minds if APP ans other cos based in S’pore but controlled and managed by Indons are Indon or foreign.

      So they tangle themselves when they blow smoke.

  2. over there, USD talks, always.

  3. More interesting to know WHY Indon revealed the 2 s’pore-based companies, since S’pore & M’sia can’t do fuck if Indon tells us to fuck off. Not surprised if S’pore gave big $$$$ (or in kind) to get the info. As for indo-based firms, the Indoes are too nationalistic & stupidly selfish to reveal. S’pore also not willing to pay big $$$$ for Indo firms that we can’t persecute, so no gains for Indon to reveal.

  4. So very singaporean to suggest corruption abound..does revealing names serve Indonesian broader interests…so did any money change hands in Brazil n Mexico etc did a non oil producing company become one of the biggest oil rig builder in the world.. Maybe Singapore not as squeaky clean as it professes to be

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