“Free Our CPF” hooligans made M Ravi ill?

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On Oct 22, M Ravi, who was suspended from legal practice in February this year because of the state of his mental health, said in a statement to the press that his application for a practising certificate has been given in-principle approval. I was happy for him but found it strange that he also said he would hold a rally* on Saturday (Oct 24) because he was planning to contest the upcoming elections for the Law Society of Singapore’s (LawSoc) president.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said on 24 October that Ravi’s application was still under review as “not all issues in relation to his fitness to practise have been addressed”.

“Contrary to (Mr Ravi’s) statements, the Attorney-General has not written to the Registrar to issue Mr Ravi a practising certificate that is subject to conditions,” said a spokesperson. “It is the understanding of the AGC that neither has the Law Society of Singapore given final approval.”

As Ravi never responded, I checked around. It soon emerged that he is still a sick man.

To recap: Ravi was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder and LawSoc was informed that his psychiatrist, Dr Munidasa Winslow, had diagnosed him as being hypomanic. Hypomania is part of bipolar disorder and characterised by a distinct period of elevated or irritable mood.

The court had ordered that Mr Ravi would need a medical report from Dr Winslow or another psychiatrist approved by LawSoc to certify that he is fit to practise, should he wish to apply to lift the suspension. Before LawSoc moved to have Mr Ravi suspended, the lawyer’s conduct in public on several occasions had caused concerns even among his friends.

This incident reminded of something I was told earlier this year.

After I wrote this, a friend, a social activist who knows Roy and Ravi emailed me to tell me that it wasn’t Roy’s conduct that caused Ravi to get a relapse. He said M Ravi was very upset by Roy’s behaviour but this did not mak him sick.

The behaviour of Roy, H3 and the other  young hooligans at Hong Lim Green triggered the relapse. They refused to listen to his advise on how to conduct themselves after the rally. Roy and H3 blogged about what had happened contrary to his advice to keep low profiles. They also wanted him to work for free. There is also the allegation that I heard from another source that he had specifally advised Roy and H3 that disrupting the YMCA event was a red line they should not cross.

This story** about the antics of New Citizen Han Hui Hui and other  “Free Our CPF” hooligans*** makes the stories credible.

Finally, his claim of getting his practicing cert back should make this bunch of Canadian lawyers**** sit down and shut up. A Canadian NGO has asked LawSoc “to discontinue disciplinary action against internationally known human rights lawyer M. Ravi and to take all steps necessary to ensure the reissuance of his practising certificate”.

TOC summarises their arguments

The arrogance of the Ang Mohs is astounding. As the LawSoc pointed out the Canadians want due process to be ignored. They think we still under ang moh rule isit?

An aftertot: meditation is not enough. In his autobiography, Ravi says he doesn’t take the medicine prescribed (Medicine is problematic). He relies on meditation.


*The rally never took place it seems. I heard his friends had to restrain him.

**Do read it for some laughs. I had been told of some of the antics but found it impossible to believe at the clownish behaviour until I read this piece. Example:

Two mothers of the performers were the first witnesses to take the stand asserting that their children had been traumatised by the protesters. Han had asked them a series of questions including their understanding of the Constitution and their views on freedom of speech. She also asked why the mothers brought their children there knowing that a highly-charged CPF event was taking place at the same time, and the extent of physical, emotional or mental trauma the children faced.

Questions for other witnesses, who included members of the public and representatives of NParks and the police, also turned on whether both concert and protest organisers had been informed of each other’s event taking place on the same day, why NParks did not alert the five other speakers who made applications to speak at Hong Lim Park before the event, and the lack of proper demarcation for the two concurrent events at the Speakers’ Corner lawn.

And the defendants shouted and cried as the cross-examined the witnesses.

***Roy betrayed them by pleading guilty.

****A bunch of M’sian lawyers also made a similar call. They too should sit down and shut up.

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