Defining Oppo “Unity” and “Credible Candidates”

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Following the Institute of Policy Studies publishing its analysis of the GE2015 results, based on surveys done with voters, and a related  conference, the MSM and cyberspace are full of reports, commentary and analysis. (Even I joined in pointing out that one reasonable conclusion of the survey is that the PAP is doomed.)

The noise reminded me that anti-PAP paper warriors (brainy ande nutty) when still in shock and denial (they still are) gave advice to the SDP, WP and other Oppo parties on how to do better next time.

Their advice centred around the need for Oppo unity and good candidates.

I’ll use Uncle Redbean’s advice as a representative sample of these views as he is pretty direct:

Perhaps these three parties* should hold a pow wow session to build a bigger base for a new coalition to fight the next battle. In the process, they could round up the better potentials in the remnant parties and invite them to the coalition or new party.

There is an urgent need to get the act together, to get all the good candidates together to mean business. To put up an opposition party is a very serious business and there is nothing better than to join forces to stand united. No more loose cannons and mavericks standing alone shouting in the wilderness. It would not do. A real, credible and substantial force is needed to win the confidence of the voters if they want to stand a chance in the next GE.

On the issue of “unity”, the problem is that he and others have not defined what they mean by “unity”. A combined manifesto? What can be more united than the present informal system of sharing out “seats”. In the last UK election, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats fought for votes in all constituencies despite being in a coalition govt for the previous five yrs.

True there can be problems when WP thinks it has a better chance than the tiny tots, otherwise the system works: if’s a straight fight between the PAP and an Oppo party (99.9% of the time). And even then when there are two oppo parties, the other oppo party candidates always loses his deposit.

Then there is the issue of “credible candidates”. The candidates of the WP, SDP, SingFirst and the Chiams were all credible candidates in my view. But they were soundly trashed. So the Oppo needs more credible candidates than a NUS, NUH professor, uni lecturers, lawyers? Please define credibility UncleRedbean and fellow advisers to help the Oppo parties better select winning candidates.

Related to this is where to draw the line of who is not a credible candidate, and who is?

Are Roy, M Ravi, New Citizen Han Hui Hui, Goh Meng Seng and s/o JBJ credible candidates? Going by comments that Uncle Redbean has made about them, he seems to think they are all credible candidates.

I for one don’t think they are. To me, they fall within Uncle RedBean’s loose cannons and mavericks

And their share of the votes tell me that only 20 odd percent of the voters (the really hard core)  think they are.

As for the credible candidates of the WP, SDP, SingFirst and the Chiams, their credibility didn’t prevent them from being thrashed, albeit the SDP and WP candidates managed to lose less badly than the other Oppo candidates.

So calls for “unity” and “credible candidates” are only useful if accompanied by explanations of what these terms mean.


*WP, SDP and SingFirst. He now sees the Chiams no “ak”. I also see the Chiams as now irrelevant.


  1. Although I didn’t vote for opposition party WORKERS PARTY this time round, but I feel that all other opposition parties represent my views.

    I didn’t vote WP because I don’t think it represent me.

  2. when the local opp candidates have “unusual” aka far left thinking, then to most local voters these opp candidates are not trust worthy enough.

  3. they need to have a clearly defined manifesto. Politics should be a competition of ideas and not because I dislike you therefore I vote the other party.

    In the lull years between elections find ways and means to make sure they are heard and perceived to do work. I use the word “perceived” because if you do not have that hardworking perception then even if you are so hardworking work the ground etc but are so quiet in going about doing this, you will still be deemed as fly by night politician.

    I thought Leon of WP is a good way to keep the party in spotlight. Throw alot of questions and see how the govt respond. Even if they do not response, the people will “perceive” WP is doing their work and the govt is acting deaf again.

    One final thought / sidenote, do not pin all the hope that opposition if they come to power will cure all the ills of the previous party. I strongly believe that messiah style of politics will burn / disappoint the party and people badly at the end of the day. Let’s see how our ASEAN neighbor Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi will fare at the end of the day.

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