Feeling free to bite hand that once fed him cont’d

In Media on 15/11/2015 at 10:44 am
ST not like this meh in noughties?
Below is a piece that appeareded, when the problem at SGH first surfaced. on the Facebook wall of an ex-ST tua kee. I’ll not mention any names because I’m not a FB friend. It came to me via a third party.
I seriously dislike the ST page 1 story. It’s written in such a way as to put SGH in the best light possible like how it is not easy to spot pattern and alarm bells ringing etc…And how SGH is “confident” that transmission has stopped (when it doesn’t know how it happened and doesn’t seem to have got all patients in the two wards? What class wards btw?) And why is it using multi-vials when WHO discourages the practice? Also, Minister is not just “deeply concerned” (the quote is “gravely” according to ST in another part of the paper) but also DISAPPOINTED (which is missing in the story).

I am going to say this outright. Don’t read ST, much better to read TODAY. It has interviews with other doctors and even lawyers. Nobody, however, seems to have got hold of the PEOPLE affected.

Plus, ST says 21 patients when everybody else says 22..

I think the criticism speaks more the writer than about ST. As I said in previous post, even a pariah dog don’t bite the hand that once fed it. There is such a thing as loyalty.

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