HK has an edge over us in IOT

In Hong Kong, Internet on 29/11/2015 at 10:51 am

“For IoT [internet of things], we see Hong Kong as much more advantageous than other places like Singapore because of its proximity to Shenzhen and the ease with which you can rapidly develop prototypes,” the FT quotes VXC David Chen . He helped investee co Hanson Robotics, move from Texas to Hong Kong’s Science Park

  1. Economist article abt how Germany is aiming to retain its manufacturing lead in this next step in the digital age reads poorly for Singapore. Proprietary information comes from owning the brand, the design and production process. SG don’t have any homegrown. LKY and GKS economic policy well past sell by dates.

    • Yup: S’pore in the late 89s and the 90s failed to move beyond the MNCs. Trying to move up MNCs value chain was never going to work as “cost” is the only variable that any co can control. Well the guy in charge of economic policy is now PM. Meritocray? What meritocracy?

  2. did those brits include japan and south korea in their “expert” analysis ?

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