As intolerant as M’sian Talibanites? Uniquely S’porean solution

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S’pore’s Moral Minority is getting as ridiculous as their M’sia counterparts. Here it’s the X’ian Ultras (“Christ was ctucified: why not LGBTs?” is my understanding of what they want) and some Muslim allies doing the intolerance, not the Muslim Talibanites, UMNO opportunists and Malay Ultras.

At least here, bigotry and intolerance cannot identified with any one religion or race or any combination thereof: thaz Harry’s multi-culturalism and multi-racism at work. Ok, OK, Harry had a side-kick named Thamby who penned “We the citizens of S’pore”.

(If time challenged, skip to the end for the serious bit, beginning with “Seriously …” about the implications of the Moral Minority calling for Adam Lambert’s removal from a really boring show).

Praise the Lord God that the much maligned (by me not least) ang moh tua kees are organising a fight-back against the growing intolerance of the X’ian Ultras. But let’s be fair. If the LGBTs and theit ang moh tua kee champions had been willing to do the buggery etc in the dark of the night, the X’ian Ultras and allies would have been cluelessly quiet. But no, the buggers insisted and their allies insisted on their right to sodomise etc in the light, not the dark: which thinking about it is rheir moral right.

A growing controversy over a Singapore concert starring openly gay US singer Adam Lambert has highlighted a widening cultural divide in the strait-laced city-state.

Lambert will be the headline act of a lavish New Year’s Eve show organised and televised live nationally by state-owned broadcaster MediaCorp.

Over the course of the week, thousands of Singaporeans have flocked online to sign two duelling petitions.

One, started on Wednesday, calls on MediaCorp and the government to drop Lambert, on account of his support for gay rights and reputation for risque performances, which it called “contrary to mainstream Singaporean values”.

Comments on the petition called Lambert’s performances “disgusting”, “disturbing” and “lewd”. “Please give more wholesome role models to our youths,” said one petitioner Elaine Lui.

A counter petition was started on Thursday night and quickly gathered steam, calling on organisers to keep Lambert as a demonstration that Singapore “shuns discrimination and promotes diverse inclusive points of view”.

“In no way whatsoever does his sexual orientation have any relation to his role as an entertainer and singer. Asking for him to be banned on TV is ludicrous and is akin to asking retailers to stop selling iPhones because [Apple has a] gay CEO,” said commenter Ivan Lin.

As of Friday evening, both petitions were neck-to-neck with thousands of signatures each …

Uniquely S’porean solution

MediaCorp has not dropped him – but has promised that the show will conform to strict broadcast regulations and be made “suitable for family audiences”.

I.e. Boring as usual.


Seriously, what I found disturbing is that the loonies want Lambert to be removed not because his act was lewd, promoting a LGBT life-style etc but because he was gay.  As BBC reported. Lambert previously performed in Singapore in 2013 to few complaints. 

The logic of their view would mean that the National Library has to take out of circulation books penned by Somerset Maugham, EM Foster and Oscar Wilde. They were dood writers, who just happened to be gay.

Waz really annoying is that these bigots are silent about the other big issue of their US masters godfathers; abortion. They know that if they kick up a fuss about abortion here, there’ll be serious consequences for them personally. Govt is pro-choice and when the Act was passed in the 70s, the churches were told in no uncertain terms to sit down and shut up. Something they have done ever since: even that polo-playing pastor who comes across as wanting to use his mallet to smash LGBTs’ like the Cossacks using sabres to cut off serfs heads. Btw, the Mongols played an early form of polo using the skulls of their opponents as balls.

But on the gay issue, the local moral minority  are really brave because govt is trying to have its cale and eat it on the gat and relared issues. Not that I blame govt.

The debate over Lambert this time stems from a cultural divide in Singapore that has widened recently.

A modern and open city-state with a thriving gay scene and liberal minority, much of its society also remains deeply conservative. A religious right, supported by some Christians and Muslims, has grown in tandem with a burgeoning gay rights movement.


  1. Regarding abortion act amendments in the early 1970s, its not that govt was pro-choice, but rather it was just another tool to reign in the baby boom. The over-riding objective then was to drastically reduce births. Senior govt officials and ministers would have been happy if the low-income then had 0 kids, much less stop at 2.

  2. The society as a whole is getting more intolerant. Its either your way or my way. The Muslims wanted to get the women to wear tudung in their daily work and lives. I do not recall that our first president Yusoff’s wife wear tudung or female Muslims in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays if you observe, all the PAP Musilim female MPs wear tudung. (requirement?)

    The Christians is promoting “wholesome” family values. and this petition is showing the extremes they will take. Or masquerading as a non religious society and trying to spread their agenda. The Honour society or action for the family, I think they call it?

    The LGBT wing is also like that if they do not support me, then you are a bigot. The Ikea’s case is a good example. I do not like that pastor’s by the way.

    There is no longer like give and take or compromise.

    How this government react will be important? The leadership with mostly Christian will have to rise above this fray and mess and cannot let all the different competing forces tear the social fabric apart. LKY with his non nonsense treatment of these extreme wings of the society will be missed.

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