Commie is a sex pervert

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This is a follow-up to this* in which I reported that a communist from S’pore who wanted to overthrow the PAP administration was on trial in the UK for sex offences against his daughter and other women.

The BBC reported last Saturday:

The background to the case of a Maoist cult leader who sexually assaulted women under his control is explored in detail in Saturday’s press following his conviction at a London court.

Aravindan Balakrishnan was found guilty by a jury at Southwark Crown Court of raping two of his followers and a string of indecent assaults – as well as keeping his daughter captive for more than 30 years.

The Sun says the 75-year-old, who will be sentenced in January,faces spending the rest of his life in jail.

The Daily Telegraph is among several papers to highlight the south London coroner’s decision to reopen the file on the 1997 death of one of the followers of so-called Comrade Bala. An open verdict was recorded at the inquest into the death of Sian Davies, who had a child with Balakrishnan, and died after falling from a window at the cult’s base in Brixton.

Starting in the 1970s, Balakrishnan was said to have brainwashed women into believing he had god-like powers. The Times says it was “difficult to envisage” him as a charismatic cult leader. The unlikely Svengali ruled with fear, says its headline.

The Independent carries comments from his “deeply traumatised” daughter. Although years of beatings and mind control has left her unable to cope with every day society, she has forgiven her father, it notes.

The Daily Mirror highlights the daughter’s assertion that she “felt like a caged bird”. In a leading article, the Mirror says it was distressing Balakrishnan was able to get away with his “vile crimes” for so long.

Questions were being asked, says the Guardian, over why the cult had not been noticed by local authorities. Some of the properties Balakrishnan used were council houses and one of the members used a wheelchair and was visited regularly by carers from Lambeth social services, it reports.


*When TRE reproduced the piece, a “Tan Wah Piow” wrote in to TRE complaining that I had defamed him and threatened to sue. He alleged that I was the author of an untrue defamatory remark — he is “close” to the sex pervert — when I was only quoting. But then he’s that kind of guy: can’t get his facts straight. Either that or he can’t read. Ot doesn’t do proper research.

  1. Lavrenti Beria, Stalin’s security chief on the politburo, used to cruised around Moscow in his limousine with driver and bodyguard to snatch women off the street. Maybe the tension of his job got into his head – his two predecessors Genrikh Yagoda and Nikolai Yezhoz were purged at the height of their powers and executed.

  2. tan wah piow and toc editors are very similar in their thinking.

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