Amos the Fantastic: Update

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He informs ST that he’s the boy being investigated

StraitsTimes! You have no proof! Just because somebody is 17 years old and makes anti-religious remarks doesn’t mean it’s automatically me and linked to my anti-Islam comments.

But yeah you’re right, it was me. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

The long-winded, meandering post that got him investigated (soap applied by me)

So the hot news is calvin cheng, ex-nmp, pap fanatic, part of singapore’s dismal media ‘literacy’ council, thinks an effective way to stop ISIS is to kill the extremists’ children.

Now this is shocking blah blah blah but if you think in terms of the ‘values’ that we grew up with and in the realm of the pap ‘logic’, it kind of makes sense.

We are raised under the impression that a child is somehow caged beside their parents all throughout their youth, and that the parents are solely responsible for how the child turns up. The government wishes to portray this as ostensibly fact because this is an archaic, close-minded chinese ‘value’ that the dumb chinese majority in singapore moronically hold dearly, and upholding that helps pap suck up to the chinese, and thus increase their vote count.

The by-product of that is additional artillery for the government to attack someone they don’t like. A notable example is when they exploited talentless celebrities (who are now reduced to doing crappy mediacorp commercials until ah boys to men 4 comes out) to say that why Amos Yee (me) is so rude, is solely because of his parents. And the sheer enthusiasm seen in razortv in how they publicised it, they are after all sph government dogs.

However, due to that, pap leaders create the unnecessary burden for themselves to make sure their children is as ‘reputed’ as them (prime minister lee kuan yew to prime minister lee hsien loong, one dictator to another, sadly lee hsien loong can’t continue the streak of nepotism because his sons don’t want to be manipulative cunts or is albino and adopting isn’t very ‘chinese’). Since lee kuan yew wanted to portray himself as perfect as possible (HAH!), he had to present his son to be as perfect as possible (HAHAHAHAHA!!!), and since all humans are fallible, especially when they’re teenagers, and unlike all of us, lee hsien loong didn’t have the luxury of being able to publicly fail (which is a very good learning tool), the clash between the heightened existential teen angst of having expectations from being a politician’s during hsien loong’s youth, and the no-nonsense harsh disciplinary parenting of harry, must have been tremendous, and most likely materialised into an abusive relationship during lee hsien loong’s youth (we do not know what actually happened in the istana during the 60s, but I speculate it involved lots of psychiatrists and scars on hsien loong’s face).

Therefore, with the societal conditions that most singaporeans themselves put upon, how a child turns out is directly dependent on the parent, if the parent is a killer the child would undoubtedly turn out to be one, therefore we should kill all the ISIS extremists’ children!

This quote by calvin cheng seems appalling to us because we still give the children of killers, a chance in society and don’t kill them, but pertaining to the societal conditions put forth by the stupid chinese and our government, that wouldn’t be consistent now wouldn’t it? Keep in mind, we are already giving murderers, kidnappers and drug traffickers (you do know that marijuana unlike other drugs is actually very beneficial right?) the death penalty. So if the singapore society continues to deteriorate, like calvin cheng, in about a 100 years, the government might also deem it fit to kill extremists’ children as well; it does aid in solving our overpopulation issue.

So in that sense, what calvin said is actually quite ahead of his time, only he’s speaking in more dystopian (or maybe utopian to him) terms. But I’m guessing thoughts like these probably plague many PAP ministers’ minds, just that they’re, smart (manipulative) enough to not say it publicly, until both our society and our world deteriorates (hopefully not), to the point that countries collectively agree that genocide is an effective form of capital punishment in reducing crime, in which case we’ll be one of the forerunners.

Oh yes and fuck [redacted: insert offended religion], and [redacted: insert deity of offended religion] doesn’t exist, but say you see a prick from ISIS who wants to kill or has even killed before, don’t think that’s a scenario where it’s alright to kill him. No crime (even mass genocide) is worth a punishment of torture or the death penalty, just maybe lock him up and assign him a proficient psychologist, and let him out whenever the psychologist deems fit. Then he’ll be able to go out and contribute to society without killing anymore (I hope), unfortunately that method requires skill, something the PAP government obviously doesn’t have (except during the elections).

This little quote by Calvin Cheng is an extreme microcosm to what our society would possibly be like if it continues to deteriorate, and hopefully singaporeans do not need something as tangible as an extreme quote by a pap fanatic, to see the big picture and highlight the long-term effect of what our pap cunt government is doing. calvin cheng sucks, and so does pap. Have fun!

But amos not as quai lan as he wants us to think he is. He registered for NS recently.

  1. Some of what he wrote is rather closer to the truth than Singapore society care to admit. In particular the bit about what I can only describe as “control freak” parenting.

    But the biggest question is why is Amos investigated for this rant when Calvin Cheng got nary a tap on his shoulder by the government. No one can be blamed for assuming there is a blatant bias in the enforcement of rules.

    • I agreed with what Amos has written. (not that I am his supporter and I found him obnoxious. Den again would he care?)

      If Calvin can get away with a such incendiary comments and blame the whole world for twisting his intend, what is this? Double standards?

  2. in the “ah boys to men” movie, an actor in the movie used “mentally unstable” factor to medically downgrade and then discharged from his NS liability. this 17-year-old male is trying to copy what the actor did in the movie ?

  3. I fear for his NS buddies and seniors (OC, PC, Pl Sergeant). He will reveal their names with the F word on his blog.

  4. […] for allegedly making religiously offensive remarks online – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Amos the Fantastic: Update – My Singapore News: Amos Yee arrested again – crazyrandomchatter: Amos Yee said […]

  5. according to his facebook he has run away.

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