Amos flees Mummy/ Peceptive tots on Boy Wonder

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(Update on 17 December 4.30am: My sources tell me that he’s hiding in S’pore, not gone overseas. As to his reissue of the LKY video, It’ll be interesting if Mad Dog Chee comes to his defence. The anh moh tua kees like Kirsten Han, Lynn Lee etc etc, have moved on.)

If anyone is interested Amos posted on 14 December that he had failed to attend a police interview.

He then suffered an outbreak of verbal diarrhoea (as bad as any Roy Ngerng has had) and  claims to have run away from home. The latest by the MSM is that

The police said officers will interview teenage blogger Amos Yee “upon his return to Singapore”, in connection with investigations into religiously offensive remarks made online.

Yee, 17, was to have shown up at Jurong Police Division on Dec 14 to assist with investigations, but he failed to do so.

A TRE reader had earlier posted this on Amos

— His NS will last five yrs including detention barracks.

— He has no supporters left after he insulted them. Thinking about it, even Mad Dog Chee is running to support him. Must be pills the RI doctors are prescribing.

— Amos is no artist.


December 13, 2015 at 1:06 pm  (Quote)

What’s there for the police to investigate? Just use whatever section of the law to detain him indefinitely without trial. Hold him till he comes of age to do National Service. From there, the military can take over the prosecution of Amos. Most probably, Amos will be moving in and out of detention barracks for 5-7 years instead of the 2 years doing his National Service. This will keep him out of circulation until he returns to civilian life. Then the vicious cycle of social prosecution will repeat itself.

Eventually, Amos will end up an old jail-bird, rotting in
jail most of his life – unless he chooses to emigrate to another country

Amos has alienated most of his sympathisers because of his motor-mouth. Insulting, despising and mocking opposition leaders and showing disrespect and disdain for our pioneer anti-Lee Kuan Yuan fighters who have suffered years of unjustified imprisonment.

Amos, even as an artist has been a huge disappointment. Sorry, Amos my opinion of you has changed. You thought that by putting down the opposition leaders the government will look at you in a different light. Punk, you are still light years away from being an artist. A manipulator perhaps to one up all and sundry in whatever you choose to do or said.

And this from the post below

Amos is a strange one. Talented and unique. However he is taking the kindness of so many of his sympathisers for weakness. All the opposition who spoke out for him, his admirers and fans here and overseas. He sneered at them in return just because he feels like it. At the moment he has all the ‘fame’and attention he wants. Things are going swimming well for him. The next time he falls into the shithole again, there won’t be any sensible people crying for him in Hong Lim Park. Freedom lovers friends from Hong Kong will pay scan attention to his plight. I have learned, have you?

On Calvin Cheng, he makes a good comment that the PAP approved clown that is not taken seriously by the PAPpies and anti-PAP “intellectuals”

He also makes some good points on the making of police reports.


I do not care, if I want somebody hard enough I will reveal my identity,my name, my everything and go to a police station and make a report against that person for whatever grievances I had against that person.

Do you want Calvin Cheng hard enough to lodge a police report against him? I think you do, but what are you afraid of? that I don’t know. Believe me, I had done exactly I am telling you people here to do. If you guys want to be insulted then I go ahead. The police are not interest in small fry like you and me no matter how right you are. If there is a case to be make against the person in the report, they will go ahead. They will do the job. They will have all your personal records. Whether that will be used against you in future by them or any third party that’s the risk you will have to take if you want Calvin Cheng hard enough. There lies the difference between doing and just talking.

As for Calvin Cheng, I have watched him in the Inconvenient Question online. I observed the host, the invited speakers and the audience do not seem to take what he said seriously. They even laughed and poked fun at him. I got a hunch but I do not where it comes from that Calvin Cheng is let loose by the Establishment to be as controversial and outspoken as he likes to counter the daring of the anti government social websites. Some of the PAP candidates have say things and behave similarly to Calvin Cheng although not that extreme. The electorate seemed impressed and the PAP did win handsomely. So, it’s worth your while to go after this clown if the government is behind him? Calvin Cheng is not even worth a mention by anyone.


  1. If you check his twitter, he said the f word to his parents. Really, they have never been his parents but since he said that, really Mr. Yee and Madam Toh, gorow up and disown your child.

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  3. My son was like Amos. I wrote to Darkness imploring him to help us. As our son did not seem very interested to work. He would spend most of his time working odd jobs and when he saved enough, he travels only for it to go on. When he met Darkness. We didn’t see him for 3 years. When he returned. He was a well behaved gentlemen who ran a sardine canning factory in west Africa. Sometimes, what is needed is not punishment or the rod. All it takes is a kind and wise guiding hand

  4. Not even Obama or Ban ki-Moon will lift a finger for him.

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