Why Amos is so happy

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But first, trumpets pls for me. Going by Amos’ latest outbreak of verbal diarrhoea and vomit*, he’s still in S’pore (He’s mocking the SPF for not being able to catch him): something I said when the conventional wisdom said he was overseas. FYI, it was Home Team sources that told me he had not gone overseas.

Now as to why he is happy to the point of orgasm: he has juz had a great Christmas present. Google, hegemon of search engines, released its annual lists of the most-searched terms on a country-by country basis recently.


  1. PSI Singapore – air quality following haze
  2. Lee Kuan Yew – death of Singapore’s first prime minister
  3. SEA Games – Singapore hosted this regional athletics event
  4. WhatsApp Web
  5. iPhone 6s
  6. Amos Yee – prosecuted blogger
  7. MERS – the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
  8. QZ8501 – crashed AirAsia flight
  9. Lee Wei Ling – Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter
  10. Lee Hsien Loong – Lee Kuan Yew’s son and Prime Minister of Singapore

Amos is way ahead of two members of S’pore’s most prominent family.

Let him have his moment in the sun. He’ll soon be in a RTC, a place worse than detention barracks.  The police know where he is, my sources tell me. They juz want to make him suffer a little. He may be free but Mother Mary’s not there to wash his backside every time he has an attack of  diarrhoea. Nor cook or clean for him.

Seriously, contrast this list with those of our neighbours and HK or Taiwan (below), and you’ll see that we don’t know how to relax by watching entertaining shows. Bit maybe  following Amos and grumbling about the haze and watching or reading about LKY’s departure is our idea of entertainment?


  1. iPhone 6s
  2. – a Microsoft tool to guess your age from a photo
  3. Helen To Yu-ung – a travel writer and TV host being criticised for being too materialistic
  4. Wu Zetian – star of Chinese TV drama The Empress of China
  5. Our Times – a Taiwanese movie
  6. HKTV – television network run by Ricky Wong Wai-Kay, whose application for a free-to-air license was rejected
  7. The Greed of Man – Popular drama series from 1992, re-aired this year
  8. Captain of Destiny – sci-fi TV drama criticized for poor special effects
  9. Rashomon – Cantopop by Hong Kong singers Kay Tse and Juno Mak
  10. Minions – the movie


  1. Batu Akik – the rising price of semi-precious gemstones which has sparked a modern-day goldrush
  2. GO-JEK – new startup that provides on-demand scooters
  3. Kue Cubit – a fashionable cake
  4. Angeline – missing child who was found murdered
  5. Olga Syahputra – cross-dressing TV comedian
  6. Dubsmash – an app to create selfie videos with sounds overdubbed
  7. Fast Furious 7 – the movie
  8. Tragedi Mina – fatal stampede during the Hajj
  9. Goyang Dumang – a dance by singer Cita Citata
  10. Piala Presiden – the President’s Cup soccer tournament


  1. HRMIS 2 – version two of Malaysia’s Human Resource Management Information System
  2. BR1M 2015 – cash handout from the government for those in need
  4. Maharaja Lawak Mega – a contest between comedians
  5. Fast Furious 7
  6. Hati Perempuan – TV drama
  7. 1 USD to MYR – following the slide of the ringgit
  8. Whatsapp Web – the chat app on a desktop
  9. GST – Malaysia introduced a sales and service tax
  10. Bersih 4.0 – protest movement


  1. Vợ Người Ta – a song about a young man crying over his ex-girlfriend’s wedding
  2. Âm Thầm Bên Em – a love song about a gangster who tries to change his ways to regain the love of his girlfriend
  3. Không Phải Dạng Vừa Đâu – a song by popular singer Son Tung MTP about expressing his feelings
  5. Fast Furious 7
  6. Khuôn Mặt Đáng Thương – a song about a young man expressing sorrow over his ex-girlfriend’s love life
  7. Em Của Quá Khứ – ballad about a man waiting for the return of his high school sweetheart
  8. Cười Xuyên Việt – television show searching for new comedians
  9. Cô Dâu 8 Tuổi – an Indian TV series about a girl forced to get married at the age of eight
  10. Chàng Trai Năm Ấy – a romantic comedy based on the autobiography of late singer Wanbi Tuan Anh


  1. AIDub – nickname for massively successful skit on afternoon television about lovers who have not met
  2. Pope Francis
  3. Maine Mendoza – female star of Eat Bulaga! TV show
  4. FIBA Asia 2015
  5. Dubsmash – lip-syncing app
  6. Alden Richards – male star of Eat Bulaga!
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey
  8. APEC Summit
  9. Paris attacks
  10. COMELEC – electoral committee of the Philippines


  1. เชือกวิเศษ – Magic Rope, a music video by Labanoon
  2. รักนะเป็ดโง่ – Ugly Duckling, a popular TV series
  3. เพื่อนเฮี้ยนโรงเรียนหลอน – Thirteen Terrors, drama about the adventures of high school students
  4. ทิ้งไว้กลางทาง – Leave Me Along The Way, a music video by Potato
  5. สุดแค้นแสนรัก – Extreme Love, a soap opera
  6. สงครามนางงาม – Beauty Queens’ War, reality TV show
  7. เพลงขัดใจ – Offend, a music video from COLOURPiTCH
  8. ข้าบดินทร์ – Kha Badin – prime time soap opera
  9. แอบรักออนไลน์ – Secret Love Online – TV soap
  10. ตัดพ้อ – Complain, music video


  1. 颱風 – typhoon
  2. 我的少女時代 – movie from China
  3. 威力彩 – lottery
  4. 世界12強棒球錦標賽 – World Baseball Championship
  5. 寬宏售票 – a ticketing platform
  6. 武媚娘傳奇 – movie telling the tale of a classic Chinese legend
  8. 玩命關頭7 – Fast and Furious 7
  9. 江蕙 – Jody Chiang, Taiwanese pop singer, who announced her retirement this year
  10. iPhone 6s


*Uncensored text

Do not believe what the mainstream media is portraying.

The truth is that the police have been scouring singapore and trying to look for me all this time, (my family members have messaged me and said that the police has contacted them trying to capture me), but aren’t able to (due to living in places without cctvs, disguises, vpns, putting my handphones in refrigerators, you know all those good evading stuff), and they’ve used the mainstream media to spread rumors that I’m overseas, and claim that they’ve postponed the investigation to 22nd December, just so they can buy more time to try to do so.

And of course the reason why they haven’t issued a warrant of arrest and gotten the media to announce it, is because they genuinely do not want singaporeans to know that a 17-year-old boy has outsmarted and evaded them for this long, because once again, it looks really fucking embarrassing for the police.

But really, escaping the singapore police, believe me is really fucking easy. Unlike what the government and the mainstream media tries to portray by wildly boasting about the few robberies they actually managed to contain with news articles, big medals and trophies that cover police stations, the singaporean policemen are genuinely incompetent and really fucking suck.

From what I learnt in my time in prison, most of my prison mates have either taken or sold drugs (for a pretty large profit of $600/day I heard) but have never been caught for it, and apparently there’s a huge underground drug industry in singapore where coke and amphetamine are hidden in tic-tac cases and traded in places like jurong east, orchard and the burger king in ang mo kio; many people have committed awol (escaping national service) by using the ID of their siblings who have already finished national service, and theft is very easy to commit in singapore (there are many cases when the act is even caught on CCTVs inside the MRT Station, yet the police still aren’t able to find the thief; I should know, it happened to me and my LG phone).

So yeah, after about 5 days staying in the exact same place, I’m pretty much certain the police can’t find me, and I’m able to continue my work. More blog posts and videos to come; many of them will probably contain hate speech and be considered a crime, but really it doesn’t matter, the police can’t be find me anyways, so I’ll murder and rape as much as I want (I won’t actually do those 2 things, wounding religious feelings though, that’s cool).

And no even though I signed up, I will not, and never intended (even way before uploading the lee kuan yew video) to go to national service; you gotta be fucking retarded to think I’m willing to waste those 2 years of my life.

Well munchkins, the dance continues, a shame that one of the greatest geniuses born in singapore is deemed a criminal by the government, just like socrates, but really, that shouldn’t be surprising now shouldn’t it? Either way, your munchkin leader is here to stay, and I will see you guys very soon. Fuck the police, fuck religion, fuck pap, and welcome Amos Fucking Yee; have fun, MOTHERF**KERS!!

Source: Amos Yee’s Facebook

  1. want to bet that hk or hollywood or bbc will be making a docudrama or movie about him ?

  2. […] – The Middle Ground: To tolerate or to take offence? That’s the question – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Why Amos is so happy […]

  3. He is a high profile prisoner in Singapore(he is already living in prison). Which ever way it goes and however the authority wants to punish him, he will continue to be a source of their shame.

    Singapore will not come up a winner when they can’t even handle mere words.

  4. Christmas present? He doesn’t believe in it.

    • Err what has a Cheistmas present to do with Jesus and Christianity? Besides anyone who believes he can take on the state and win is likely to believe in Santa. )))

      • Whether or not it is religious, he doesnt celebrate these festivities. Just like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

    • Thanks. It’s prople like you who gove him oxygen.

      Seriously, from the length of the piece, he’s feeling the effects of being ignored by the govt. He’ll escalate and if ignored, he might end up jumping off a HDB block. Let’s hope so. ))))

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