Why liddat? TOC keeps on dissing Harry

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I think the u/m is the only piece of Killer Cheng that I’ve come across that I agree with.

I was about to bitch to Terry Xu that he really had a problem with LKY (Hate him isit?) what with him using recently released docs to cast aspration on Harry’s tears, yet again. Fortunately Calvin Cheng saved me the trouble (see below). The only thing I’d add is that maybe Harry cried because he realised that he could only boss around the people of S’pore, not the people of M’sia.  Btw,I have heard from a very reliable source that in his Raffles College days he was always making fun of the Malays from the Malay states. He considered them, it’s alleged, poor-cousin, country bumpkins.

As to the significance of the Albatross papers, here’s a non-partisan objective view.

Part of which reads

We should not see history from our current lenses but locate its meaning in the context of the time, place and personalities. [This applies esp to TOC’s favourite historian PJ Thum.]

The papers from the Albatross file … do not change the narrative that Singapore and Malaya, which had endeavoured to stay one as they had been under the Empire and to an extent long before, were being thrust into separate directions for political, historical and economic reasons.

These powerful explanatory ingredients were being cooked in the work of the hot wok of a Cold War and strive for self-determination, with the meal further seasoned with the stinging sauces of both the Communist insurgency and Indonesian Confrontation.

We do better to remember that our leaders, as indeed those on the Malaysian side, were men coping with the complexity and challenges of their time in the best way they could with a view to doing the least harm.

The road behind them was torn up by war, insurgency and economic recession and the wider road ahead for former colonies still unmade let alone chartered.

They did their best and as they say, the rest is history.

They should be measured by the future they birthed that is the present we enjoy.

It implictly too disagrees with TOC’s attempts to diss Harry.

As to “Kill the bahies Cheng” other point about S’pore in 1965, I’ve made the same point to Terry and the cybernuts of TRELand. I’ve also made the point that we didn’t go backwards like Rangoon. (But that it was because we had LKY, Dr Goh, and not ex-SAF generals running S’pore: post)


I do not know why The Online Citizen and its editors seem so intent on revising history and putting Mr. Lee Kuan Yew down.
During LKY’s funeral, they and others kept insisting that Singapore was already rich in 1965 and thus LKY couldn’t have brought Singapore from Third World to First. They posted pictures of high-rise buildings from the Collyer Quay area as proof.
That’s just silly. Yes the colonial heart of Singapore was relatively developed, but it was an enclave for the British. Much of Singapore was still swampland, and parts still were up till the late 70’s.
Now because the ‘Albatross’ files showed that extensive negotiations took place during Separation, TOC seems to be claiming that as a result, we couldn’t have been ejected.
Again, this is naive. Even in a divorce, when one party is unwilling, that party tries to negotiate for the best deal before the divorce. We were asked to leave – but our leaders had to negotiate for the best terms possible, including the Water Agreements that still provide us water cheaply till this day 50 years on.
Finally, they seem to claim that just because others said LKY seemed pleased at the Separation, and that there is some evidence that he may actually have supported some reasons for Separation, his tears on TV must have been fake.
Human beings are complex people. During times of grief, there can be relief. And even during times of relief, there can be worry and regret. After years of fighting with the Ultras, I am sure LKY must also have been relieved at finally separating. But being a Malayan at heart, he must also have been upset. Any human being who has gone through separation must know that it’s always a mixed-bag of emotions.
I have always maintained that Singapore needs good opposition and critics to progress. What’s keeping us from progressing is the quality of the critical voices at the moment.

Lest we forget

And he was right about the importance of being bi-lingual

Good for out brains:

  1. toc editors/supporters are far-left in their thinking.

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