Good Straits food: Gd O’ Times

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Someone took me and my mum out for lunch recently. We were told we were going to eat Straits food and I silently went “Oh no”. My mum and I have very high standards when it comes to Nonya food and while there are dishes from various “reputable” eateries and caterers that we like: in general we find the commercially available food rubbish.

But Gd O’ Times (in Changi Village) turned out to be the exception.

With the exception of the “chiap chye” which was pedestrian, the rest of the meal good was as good as a good home-cooked meal. The mor hiang was great and the ayam buah keluak gravy wasn’t the usual dish-water in other commercial places. The fried promfet with chilly sauce was very good.

The place has an interesting menu of options for four persons.

Use the hols to drive there for a try. Warning, not for cheapos.

Tel: +65 65422382

Address: #01-2017, 5 Changi Village Road,

  1. Times are getting harder if you have to do what XiaXue does.
    Bring back the Gd O’ Times.

  2. Happy New Year!

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