“Happy Deepavali” in Joo Chiat ward

In Uncategorized on 03/01/2016 at 4:23 am

Edwin Tong, my MP, is pretty much on the ball. During the GE campaign, when in response to a comment on a senior lawyer’s Faceebook wall, my Facebook avatar commented that living in JC ward ande its predecessors for over 50yrs, he had never met his MP. A “Edwin Tong” responded with, “Give address, will come round”.

Well I hope his attention will be drawn to this post, and the “Deepavali” banner put up by the town council be taken down. I spotted it on NY’s day on a road leading out of Opera Estate.

Btw, after GE 2015, both the PAP and the WP failed to take out signage long after they were supposed to be taken down. There were WP signage near JJ’s condo, while the PAP didn’t take down their signage outside Neptune Court.

Not much difference between the two parties in that respect?

  1. MP show face once every 4-5 yrs is the barest minimum liao. And we all know why they even bother to show face (hint: nothing to do with your wellbeing). To appear only when there is an online criticism is pretty lame. And what if that remark was on some anonymous or nobody’s blog instead of a senior lawyer’s which was obviously being trolled by PAPies grassroots supporters? If this is the definition of “on the ball”, 80% of Sinkies can be MPs already.

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