Why do PAPpy vermin hate S’poreans?/ Related to TRE’s cybernuts?

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away an emperor of a little red dot said, “Those who go on the internet are unhappy people.”

Three incidents in December reminded me of this saying. And who are the really unhappy people on the internet? They are PAPpies who worship the greatest Sith Lord of all; one Harry Lee. DSC_0011

Remember this? Many S’poreans (self included) were wondering what was a beefy, hulk doing on welfare? But before we found out he was a sick man, the PAPpy dogs (Sorry, my dogs growled) rats and vermin went wild in cyberspace.

They called him and his wife “lazy”, “scroungers” etc and wondered how they deceived their way into getting welfare.

What I found tragically amusing is that these PAPpies had so little faith in the public servants handling the case. It was clear from the video that whatever their failings (and I think there were none), they acted in the belief that he and his wife needed help. If the PAPpies don’t trust public servants administering the welfare policies policies of their beloved 9th immortal, why should the anti-PAP voters trust public servants? DSC_0029





Fabrications about the PAP came up with a piece pointing out that although Mrs Chee didn’t work, the family could afford overseas hols. Again the rabid PAppies came out, strong and abusive. Even though I had posted that the Chees could not related to ordinary S’poreans given Mrs Chee’s attitude to “work”, my Facebook avater and other fair-minded S’poreans) pointed out to the vermin that

— the Chees were not on welfare;

— it was the Chees’ choice how they spent their money; and

— maybe Dr Chee was working smart, in line with the govt’s exhortations on producitity.

Surprising the PAPpies fell silent, not turning their abuse on us.

Finally there was the “flag as a table cloth” incident.  Fabrications about the PAP denounced the photos as a fake and made many a seditious statements. Jason Chua’s morons were cheered on by the PAP vermin.

Then Israel apologised after a junior diplomat working at its embassy in Singapore reportedly used the country’s flag as a tablecloth at a party.

You could hear a pin drop as Jason Chua and friends were publicly castrated, and their tecticles hung around their necks.

My question is why the anger and hatred against fellow S’poreans?

I can understand the hatred and anger of s/o JBJ, Mad Dog Chee, Goh Meng Seng, Roy Ngerng, New Citizen Hui Hui, M Ravi, Gilbert Goh, Amos Yee, Constance Singham, Balji (retired imperial stormtrooper general, paper division not happy with his “peanuts” pension?), Tan Wah Piow, Tan Kin Lian, New Old Citizen Pussy Lim, and the cybernuts from TRELand (like Ng Cock Lim, Philip Ang, Dosh and grave-dancer Oxygen).

They are frustrated that 70% of the voters rejected their anti-PAP BS and voted for the PAP.

But the PAP vermin like Jason Chua and friends? What do they have to be angry and unhappy about? They are part of the 70%, so waz there to be upset and angry about? And better still, are the true believers of the Hard Truths* about CPF, and public healthcare, transport and hiusing, keeping the faith when others started having doubts after 2006 GE.

Going by their comments about the Chees and the sick man, I get the sense that despite their chanting of the Hard Truths, they know that they are only one small step ahead of disaster because of the following (Extracts from

Spend too much too soon

Many Singaporeans keep spending away their money, sinking into debt and setting themselves for an insecure financial future. Even without realising it!

And what do many people commonly splurge on? Nice clothes, nice shoes, watches, cars, branded bags. Just so they feel they can keep up with their friends. Or to show off to others.

Or they will feel like they have earned the right to indulge after working so hard. Shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars, and expensive holidays.


Letting debt accumulate

Start clearing your debt ASAP, before they creep up on you. Don’t let unsecured debt punch a big hole in your early retirement plans. Most people think they can ‘wait’ till they have enough money to clear their debts. That will never happen, because you’ll end up spending more and more on different things down the road as your lifestyle changes.


Lifestyle inflation

Many Singaporeans will spend more money when they have more money to spend. This is called lifestyle inflation and it can do serious damage to your financial future.

They feel entitled, thinking that the more money they can make, the more they have earned the right to treat themselves and their family to better things in life.

I know people who buy better cars after a few years, moved into condos, or travelled further to more exotic destinations.

Even people who are prudent can’t escape lifestyle inflation. For example, after the birth of a child, you need to get a car so it’s way easier to transport your family around. Or after your child starts school, that would mean more money spent on books, allowances, etc. Your situation will change over time and a certain amount of lifestyle inflation is to be expected as your work and family obligations evolve.

And most importantly because of the CPF system, and the public housing and public healthcare systems they worship:

No emergency fund

You need to have plenty of extra money for an emergency fund. This is the money that you need to reserve, in case something bad happens to you. Like getting retrenched, quitting your job, or getting an injury or illness and being forced to stop work. Or the same thing could happen to your family members. And you’d need a large sum of money to tide them over.

(Related post on the fragility of everything)

And maybe also they are long lost siblings of the other bunch of born losers: s/o JBJ, Mad Dog Chee, Goh Meng Seng, Roy, New Citizen Hui Hui, M Ravi, Gilbert Goh, Amos Yee, Constance Singham, Balji (retired imperial stormtrooper general, paper division), Tan Wah Piow, Tan Kin Lian, New Old Citizen Pussy Lim anfd the cybernuts from TRELand (like Ng Cock Lim, Philip Ang, Dosh and grave-dancer Oxygen).

Both groups are the socially excluded of S’porean society, united (without their knowledge) by their envy of other S’poreans, and the belief that they, like Harry Lee, know what is best for S’poreans.


*Note “Hard Truths” not the “truth” or the facts on the ground.


  1. I like how you turn “Hard Truths” into some derogatory myth and its adherents into scums.

  2. “You see, he is a fanatic. Every fanatic harbours a secret doubt”. So said George Smiley of his adversary, Karla, in John Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. There is more than a grain of truth in this, psychoanalysts can tell you.

    That is why these PAP vermins are quick to wield the proverbial axe at welfare recipients and Singaporeans who don’t happen to toe the line. Underneath that fanaticism, they have doubts that since they do not examine their beliefs and had everything down on faith alone. they might be wrong all along.. Kinda like closet homosexuals who display extreme homophobic behavior to hide doubts about their own sexuality.

  3. Hilarious. Why they had to defend the post about the Israeli diplomat? Whats that got to do with the PAP even?

    Jason Chua and his ilk are not much different from TRE cybernuts, as you have so well concluded. All are pathetic losers seeking some form of validation in their lives with little else to celebrate and be happy about.

    You could understand TRE losers for being perpetually unhappy. After all, its because they really have been losers in terms of who they back election wise. But FAP? Even after backing the winning horse, they still continue their sad, miserable work of trying to outdo the cybernuts on the other side? Lol.

  4. That was in the sequel Smiley’s People where Smiley got Karla in an impossible situation regarding his daughter. But in the first novel, Smiley intercepted Karla who was recalled to Moscow amidst the bloodletting of a purge. Offered to defect, Karla chose to continue his journey home. Hence Smiley concluded that Karla must be a fanatic.

    In every political movement, there will always be fanatics even if their side is winning because their side will never be radical enough for them. They want total certainty which means no compromise, no discussions, no retreats. If they are in power, their side is unelectable …… well at least in a proper democracy…… SG not so sure.

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