PRC’s detention without trial versus ours

In Public Administration on 05/01/2016 at 10:06 am

A reader of this asks chua chin leng (aka redbean) cheers for prc (china) and goh meng seng cheers for hk (sar). why don’t these two blokes change their citizenships instead ?

Because, this doesn’t happen in S’pore, to critics of the PAP administration, even “Marxist conspirators”, alleged Jihadists, bookies and drug lords?

Another associate of a Hong Kong bookshop specialising in titles critical of the Chinese government appears to have disappeared. [HK media later reported later said he called his wife from a mainland-registered phone number , saying he was“assisting in an investigation” ]

Last month four other employees of the same bookshop and publishing house, including its owner, went missing.

Their colleagues believe they have been detained because of their work.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed in Hong Kong, but many in the publishing industry say they are beginning to feel pressure from mainland China.

The latest associate to be reported missing is the man who raised the alarm when his colleagues disappeared in October.

Despite the lies that Tan Wah Piow, sex pervert Comrade Bala, Dosh, Oxygen, Meng Seng etc tell about S’porean justice, in S’pore detention-without-trial arrests are never so secretive and out of the public eye.

And even an alleged cat killer gets a lawyer pro bono, juz like LKY-hater Amos Yee. .

And would Uncle Redbean or Meng Seng dare criticise China the way they criticise the PAP administration? I doubt it.

By not moving on from S’pore citizenship, we know that they don’t walk the talk, juz talk the talk.


  1. If you follow RedBean’s blog, you’ll see that in 2014, he was constantly speaking up for his idols Mr Roy and Ms Han, defending their rights to protest on CPF, even after the YMCA “heckling” incident. About the same time, the HK umbrella protests on democracy were taking place, and RedBean wrote about it as well. But on this however, his response was to tell the HK students not to give in to the western antagonist notions of democratic notions as being under the control of China was good for them economically. Whereas he was very happy for Roy to protest on his CPF here. So its really not about detention with or without trial. If whoever give him more money, hes ok to put up with whatever methods used.

    Guys like RedBean very common, as with many TRE cybernuts. They will speak in the name of freedom, rights, yada yada but the root cause is just they bo gao lui in their lives, and they frus at the PAP system for not giving them enough.

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