Calvin, Amos & other cyber-vermin: the global perspective

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Recently, I wrote about the PAP vermin and their siblings the TRE nutty rats and about Killer Cheng and Amos the Fantastic. They all are angry, abusive and full of hatred for their fellow S’poreans. The funny thing is that it’s all online only: they don’t walk down the street shouting.

Here’s some global perspective on the paradox of their weird behaviour from a BBC article:

First the angry, abusive behaviour.

2015 saw a greater normalisation of hate speech in society than in previous years,” says Andre Oboler, chief executive of the Australia-based Online Hate Prevention Institute. “Where previously a person might make a vague negative allusion to race, religion, gender or sexuality, by the end of 2015 the comments on social media were blatant and overt.”
“Where previously people hid behind pages and fake accounts, by the end of 2015 many people felt their hate was acceptable and were comfortable posting it under their real name or their regular social media account,” Oboler noted.

And the fact Amos, and Oxygen, Dosh and other TRELand vermin, and Killer Cheng, Jason Chua and other PAPpies  don’t walk down the street shouting at random strangers – and in fact, if we do, and bystanders capture it on film, it becomes news, has an interesting explanation:

… because in many places, the social fabric more or less holds in real life. People might shout racial slurs in ALL CAPS online …

Could it be that what’s happening in our daily lives might be diverging from the world of digital mass conversation?

Todd says increased hate online is in part a reflection of the wider culture of public discourse.
“Despite extraordinary efforts by community and educational groups to sensitise people to the pain they cause online, the countervailing trend, especially in politics and entertainment, is the use of demeaning and damaging language and communication,” she says.

Todd’s research has uncovered a “constellation” of motivations for online abuse – “everything from feelings of powerlessness to alcohol and drug abuse and on to mental illness.”

But whatever, there is shumething uniquely S’porean in all this: only here could Calvin Cheng remain on the Media Literacy Counil, after advocating killing ISIS babies.



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