Herod Cheng signposts PAP’s “fixing” plans

In Political governance on 18/01/2016 at 11:36 am

(Explanation for those who never had the benefit of Sunday school: Herod was the ruler of Judea at the time of the birth of Jesus, who orders the Massacre of the Innocents i.e. babies)

Will the rules change so that Dr Tan Cheng Bock cannot, or will not be eligible to stand in the next PE due later this yr? Is PM fixing the Oppo, something he “promised” to do in 2006 but was silent on in 2011 and 2015 because he could see the swing voters didn’t like the Oppo being “fixed’: but he now thinks he has a mandate of 70% to do so?

These tots crossed my mind when I read on CNA that

The Government will look into whether Singapore’s political system can be improved, to ensure the nation has capable and honest leadership in the long term, President Tony Tan Keng Yam said in his opening address to Singapore’s 13th Parliament.

“Our political system has delivered stability and progress for Singapore. But this system must be refreshed from time to time, as our circumstances change,” Dr Tan said on Friday, Jan 15

Shortly after the speech Herod Cheng, the PAP’s sinister clown in residence, suggested changes that would ensure that S’pore remains a de facto one party state, forever and a day.. My comments on his rant are in [ ] and in normal font.


The one thing that stood out in yesterday’s Presidential Address was the remarks about possible changes to Singapore’s political system.

As I have argued before, whilst the PAP still has its 2/3 majority [Hello, no faith that in next GE PAP will retain this majority? Call yr self a PAP bootlicker? Only hard core TRE nuts believe that the PAP will lose this majority in next GE], it needs to implement constitutional changes to safeguard the future of Singapore, and ensure we avoid the degeneration that Western political systems (and those who have adopted them) have seen. [Last time I looked, the West is in pretty good shape and China, the great Asian exemplar is in a mess. I mean Europe hasn’t imploded despite the Eurozone crisis and the influx of unwanted and unwelcomed immigrants. And the US is the hegemon. So what cock you cock talking?]

Our own system is also largely based on the Westminster system, although we have important aspects that now differ. For example, LKY changed our system to prevent elected members from changing parties and still retaining their seats. More now needs to be done to ensure that we improve on our system even more to ensure the stability of our system. [Well Bukit Brown is a pretty tranquil place, if you like stagnation.]

Some changes I would like to see:

1) Elected Presidency – As I have argued, the elected presidency has become a proxy for partisan politics. Short of scrapping it, at the very least the bar needs to be raised to prevent unqualified populists from degrading the office of the Presidency. [You got explanation for PAP to explain why a nominated president can be a better protector of reserves and minorities than an elected president isit? Didn’t PAP say only elected president had mandate to resist Mad Dog Chee’s plans to squander the reserves? Seriously if the PAP tries to revert to a nominated presidency, it’ll be really great black comedy to see how they argue against themselves. Ownself contradict ownself.]

He also wants more NMPs [God forbid if they are baby killers and morons and PAP fan boys or gals.]

I think better to more deeply entrench the NMP system by increasing the numbers and making their term the same as elected MPs, instead of the half-terms currently. NMPs of the second session always see their terms cut short. The last cohort only served for a year as elections were called early.

Both an Upper House and the NMP scheme function on the same principle – non-elected voices are needed to check populism and politicking amongst professional politicians.

As lessons from the West has shown, countries with unelected legislators like the UK are less likely to go down the populist route as it acts as a brake on demagoguery. [Last time I looked, the UK’s House of Lords was a cesspool of scroungers who were making claims for work they didn’t do.]

  1. Good one, Herod onto Cheng. Last time I checked a 2/3rd majority is needed for a constitutional change. So the only way Mad Dog Chee can squander the reserves is for Mad Dog Chee and the much balanced of mind SDP to win 2/3rd of the seats in Parliament. Cheng, you mean you so scared PAP lost 2/3rd majority meh?

  2. since dpp will be the next govt in roc in feb/may this year. maybe csj and csm want to take up roc citizenships and join the dpp govt ?

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