Be like ang moh: Why liddat?

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“I think its cute all the government agencies are jumping onto the band wagon,”someone commented on FB



I agree but couldn’t they have localised “Bill”? Other people around the world are doing this

BBC report

(Examples below: They are imaginative, amusing)

So why can’t our govt agencies?

I can give one good but sad reason. Someone would bitch if a local name was used.

If “Ah Beng” or “Ah Lian” was used, the Indian supremacists and the perpetual Malay “victims” would bleat “Chinese domination”. If “Ravi” or “Priya”was used, the Chinese and Malays would wonder if the Indians had taken over S’pore (Remember two of PM’s most trusted ministers are Indians and so is the AG and CJ. Not bad for a group that is only 7% of population. If “Ahmad” or “Siti” is used, the Chinese and Indians could reasonably ask, “We joined M’sia or Indonesia isit?”

So best to stick to “Bill”. And remember, Eurasians (Remember them?) live here: those who hadn’t cut and run. “Bill” could be a Eurasian. And as, sadly, they are such a tiny community, no other S’porean will complain.

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Extract from BBC

foreign variations are springing up seemingly daily. And in each one Bill has been renamed.

In Arabic he’s “Bilal” or “Bashir”.

Bilal, a stick manImage copyrightكن مثل بلال
Image caption‘This is Bilal. Bilal called his girlfriend, but she didn’t pick up. Bilal waited for her to call him back, he didn’t bombard her with calls and messages. Bilal is smart. Be like Bilal.’

A stick figure called RashidImage copyrightBe Like Rashid / Facebook
Image caption‘This is Rashid. Rashid is Malay. Rashid is shopping in a Malay shop. Rashid doesn’t ask for a discount using the phrase ‘Malays help Malays’. Rashid isn’t stupid. Rashid is smart. Be like Rashid.’

In Malaysia he’s Rashid.

José, a stick manImage copyrightSé como José / Facebook
Image caption‘Jose is a university student. Jose studied hard and got a good grade. Jose knows he deserves it, and doesn’t post a photograph of it on Facebook. Be intelligent. Be like Jose.’

And for Spanish speakers he’s Jose.


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