Where S’pore trumps HK

In Hong Kong, Property on 27/01/2016 at 1:35 pm

Goh Meng Seng keeps on harping on how good life is in HK compared to S’pore. His daughter’s schooling and healhcare costs are cheaper* there. HK is Heaven, S’pore is Hell he implies.

Chart: World's least affordable cities

Funny he doesn’t tell us that this is the 6th yr in a row that HK tops this index. It’s not uncommon for entire families to live in spaces less than 50 sq m. Btw, there are no  “cage homes” — tiny bunks stacked atop each other and enclosed by metal grating — here.

Nothing heard on thr issue of housing affordability in HK by Memg Seng who prefers to talk cock about the golden dinar.

The PAP administration can do more to bring affordbility levels to those at the end of the 90s, early noughties: 15- 20 yrs of paying mortgages not the present 25 yrs. But hey let’s not pretend that S’pore isn’t too bad.

And remember GMS’s silence on HK people critical of China diappearing. They on his UFO? (He believes in the UFOs, having claimed to have seen one (or was it in one?)


*Err Value for money or not he doesn’t say. He focuses on the cost. Btw, he can’t persuade his wife to stay here but wants us to vote him into parly?

  1. Collusion between government and the taipans makes HK unaffordable, Also make collusion between Singapore government and GLCs looked like child’s play. FT article a few years back basically said high rentals and prices are essentially massive hidden taxes.

    HKer angry but can’t do anything about it becos of Big Brother. SGns angry, can do something about it but scared to do anything.

    • Remember this you lover of bastardised rugby: Herman Hickman, then the Yale football coach. Someone, no
      doubt a sports reporter, had asked Hickman what his hopes were for
      the upcoming football season. He replied to the effect that his
      hopes were the same as they were at the outset of every season: that
      the boys would play at least well enough to keep the alumni sullen
      but not mutinous.

      Well S’poreans about 65% of S’poreans are sullen, not angry with the PAP. ))))

      • Bastardised rugby it may be but, despite its brute force, it is a game of infinite offensive and defensive tactical variations. A thinking man’s game some will say. Luv both rugby and its bastard.

  2. there are currently about 450,000 canuck passport holders in hk.

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