Amos the vegan/ Why he wants to avoid NS

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TRE republishing this on Amos Yee (he’s been has been silent on Facebook since 12 January and last twatted on 23 January) reminded me that I recently read something about vegans. A vegan is a really nutty version of a vegetarian. Hitler was not a vegan, he was a vegetarian. And yes, Amos says he’s a vegan

I also remembered this pix of his emaciated body posted on 16 January.

This in turn reminded me that Amos  in December boasted that despite being a fugitive, he was able to get vegan food. This is what he would be eating: For vegans, everything derived from animals is off-limits. Similar to – but stricter than – vegetarians, vegans do not eat eggs and cheese, or drink milk, and in some cases even avoid honey.

He would not be wearing or using leather, wool and.

To end, here’s how looney and sensitive to criticism the nuts are:

An action movie-style advertisement campaign to promote Australian lamb has angered vegans who call it “discriminatory”.

The commercial, by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), was released on Saturday and has since gone viral.

It shows a SWAT team “saving stranded Aussies” abroad from missing a barbeque on the country’s national day.

In one scene in the advert, a SWAT team smashes into the home of a man in New York saying “C’mon mate, in a few hours you’ll be eating lamb on the beach”, to which the the bearded man responds: “But I’m a vegan now…”.

The ad later cuts to a shot of a flamethrower-wielding SWAT officer burning a bowl of kale on the vegan’s table.

Btw, they don’t serve vegan food in NS. So that’s why die-die he doesn;t want to do NS.


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