HDB policy makes life harder for single mums

In Public Administration on 06/03/2016 at 7:00 am

“One single mother said she was regarded by HDB as “too well-off to qualify for a rental flat, but too poor to buy a flat.” Many are forced to rent in the open market, depleting what assets or savings they have left. By the time the 30-month debarment period is over, even if they did not start out poor, they have become poor. It is thus rental access rather than home ownership which needs attention.

The limitations of Fresh Start

Emphasis mine.

This is how a rental flat family lives

Nurhaida Binte Jantan is making dinner. She is roasting otah-otah, a Malay dish of fish paste wrapped in banana leaves, over a portable stove.

She is a 29-year-old unemployed single mother with six children from five to 13 years old. She lives in a tiny flat, just 30 square metres, with little furnishing.

There is no dining table, so the children eat their otah-otah with rice and chillies crouched on the floor.

The children share the single bedroom – their only bedding is mattresses and thick blankets. Nurhaida sleeps on the sofa in the living room.

She receives weekly groceries from charities, as well as about S$600 ($474, £262) a month in government aid and money from a boyfriend. But she admits that it is difficult to make ends meet. She has not been able to afford asthma medicine for her second daughter for months.

“No one can afford to get sick in this house because our finances are too tight. It’s quite tough and a struggle for me to be raising them up,” she said.

“I have to look after this house 24/7… so for me if I were to find a job, it would have to be a night job, so that once they are in bed, I can go out and the older kids can watch the young ones.”


  1. Single mother with 6 children! That will get the PAP hardcore nutcases foaming at the mouth. Me? I suggest not only the government should give her a medal for doing her part to solve the low fertility rate but free schooling for all her children and lifelong welfare checks for her. She should be a heroine for the nation.

  2. we are still a long way from being enlightened as a human species.

    at our current stage, we only make it a crime against man to take a life. we have yet to make it a crime to bring in too many lives into this world.
    in my humble opinion, there is such a thing as parasitic breeding ?

    May I ask curiously what fuelled the decision to go from the third to the sixth kid, when providing for 2 was already a struggle ?

    what is the purpose of these babies ? to expose them to the vicissitudes of life because ” god willing, life will find a way ? ”

    these are worth reflecting on if Singapore is move on, for the silent convictions stemming from such musings can help our individual citizens move on from its colonial mindset to built a state of cultural parity, or even cultural dominance

    it is clearly an open secret that the fertility rate reported at 1.2 has deeper implication.

    the other day, a contact posed a math question ” if assuming on an island the average fertility rate is 3.6, and 33% of the population has a fertility rate of 3.6, then what is the fertility rate of the remaining 66% of the population ? ( 0.0 if you ask me ) ”

    yet another situation that is easily a reality

    ” assume an island has 2 sweds, and 2 rabs, both living on their halves of the island, meeting once every 5 years to decide how to use the resources of the island ”

    the sweds believe the island is small, and we should always maintain a state of abundance, lets not produce more than we really need because simple science predicts this island can hold no more than 200. so the sweds say, let’s just replace ourselves and have 2 babies, and focus the rest of our energies by discovering science and improving our quality of lives. And assuming a world with no genetic diseases, this mantra is handed down through the generations, and these 2 sweds grannies have 2 grandkids.

    the rabs believe, well the island is far from being overpopulated, probably only when there god has shown us so. so they say, let’s have 10 kids ( with no ill intention ) because god willing, life will find a way. this passes down through the generations, and the 2 grannies
    will live to see 60% of their 50 grandkids.

    after the pioneers have passed on. it is now 4 sweds and 60 rabs on the island, what is the goal of those extra 60 more lives on the island vs the original 4 ? what is their purpose ? to eat up the island ?

    who will decide how to rule the island. given our state of enlightenment, i reckon what was an equal partnership is now decided by the rabs, informally, around their annual religious festivities. ”

    food for thought. indeed.

    • No worries man, gahmen bringing in more peenois & cheenas to replace those rabs. % of rabs today smaller than 20 yrs ago. Similar also for the ah nehs — gahmen bringing in higher-class nehs to replace those lower-class nehs. % of lower-class nehs also less than 20 yrs ago.

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