Paying to be a servant

In Uncategorized on 16/03/2016 at 3:45 pm
  • £2,500 for day as a Downton servant Wealthy Americans influenced by the ITV period drama are paying handsomely to act as skivvies at a historic Scottish home – Times

Downtown Abbey was a popular UK-made tv series that was popular in the US. It was about how the aristocracts in UK lived at the beginning of 20th century. Rumoured to be compulsory viewing for the natutal aristocrats in the PAP. LOL

  1. No not just about how aristocrats lived in the early 20th century. It is also about the servants who upkeep the stately home and served the lords and ladies, and the tenants who worked on the estates. The series is also about how social and economic changes forced Hard Truths on the aristocratic family in the series. The Americans have a long love fest with British historical / costume dramas – do remember the American robber barons used to send their daughters to marry into British aristocracy in those days, like Winston Churchill’s mommy.

  2. I never watch brit tv shows ’cause they are all rubbish.

  3. Actually many rich Americans are aiming to buy this mansion — though not in UK, but close enough. And can get to live like the aristocrats. Relatively cheap too. With the high demand, I would sell via competitive open auction to get higher sale price.

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