LKY, Amos & mother Mary

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Lest we forget, let’s remember that LKY’s death changed two lives forever and a day.

I have been too sad to speak up ever since Amos left for the past 3 months but I’m feeling more and more helpless now. I need help, but I think Amos definitely needs more help than me.

So many people have been asking me where Amos is, expecting me to know. Same as all of you, I would like to know where he is. I wonder who would be the lucky one. Is he on the run? Is he safe?

Does he have enough money for food and lodging? How can he survive on his own without any help? Why has he been quiet online for so long? These are the questions that follow after 12th Dec 2015 which was the last day I saw him. He disappeared after receiving the police letter handed to him personally at our doorstep. Afterwards, he just kept quiet, and paced furiously around the house. I went to sleep at night and the next morning, he was gone.

A few days after Amos ran away, the police came over to my house and I thought that they were going to say that they had found Amos. However, they didn’t. Instead, they just asked me if I knew where he was, which I did not, and said that Amos needed to go for a rescheduled investigation on 22nd Dec 2015. Adding on to my anxiety, an inspector called me when Amos didn’t turn up for the health check-up he had to attend for National Service.

Obviously he did not attend, otherwise he would have been arrested on the spot for his previous offence.

We all know that Amos was arrested not because he offended religious groups, but for political reasons, making fun of Lee Kuan Yew when he had just died. After Amos was released from jail, he continued to make videos which became very popular, condemning the PAP government, and saying that Amos had offended Islam was just another excuse to arrest and silence him. Although he wasn’t charged and was only asked to show up for an investigation, he knew that if the investigation continued, he would definitely be charged and sentenced, and this time since it was a repeated offence, probably sent to 3 years of RTC, which is why he chose to run away from home.

I remember he wrote in his blog that he only has enough money to survive for another 3 months from the crowdfunding of his court case. That was in January, it has almost been 3 months since. * account information removed *

Knowing Amos has never been good at handling money because seeing how fast he spends money from his bank account, I think he has no money anymore and I’m very fearful he hasn’t been able to eat. Maybe he ran out of money and needed to sell his laptop which is why he hasn’t posted anything for the past 2 months. I really don’t know and I am very confused and sad.

I think that Amos’ words are disrespectful and rude, but I don’t ever think that Amos should have been sentenced or put to jail because of it. Amos is a boy with very strong views and will pursue them, so I understand why he went on the run, but because of that I worry about him every day. People keep on telling me stories like why Amos has kept quiet for so long was because the government has secretly captured him, or that he has been drugged or killed. Thinking about the things that could be happening to Amos, I am unable to sleep well at night and I’m very worried about him.

If anyone knows where Amos is, please tell me, and if he insists on keeping it confidential, please help him to the best that you can. As a mother who has taken care of him for the past 17 years, I am really very worried. He doesn’t have any life skills, doesn’t know how to clean or sweep or cook. Either the grandparents’ maid or I have been doing things for him most of the time, and now that he suddenly has to live without my help, I’m really feeling very frightened. [Time for him to learn. LOL]

Please, if anyone knows where Amos is or can offer him help or help me get in touch with him, please private message me here on Facebook. I don’t know what is happening to Amos, I hope Amos is alright, I hope my dear son is safe … …

Facebook post by Mary Toh, Amos’s mother Mary.

Ever tot of asking police to help find her son? Don’t give me the BS about she being afraid. If really concerned about waz happening to her Boy Fantastic, she should report to the police that her son ran away from home. The penalties for not attending a police interview,and NS medical checkop are peanuts compared to the relief she should feel at finding him. WAYANG by publicity seeker.

And another thing. Where are those who egged him on? But failed to stand bail for him and denied him when he righly denounced them for their hypocrisy.

This TRE reader* has it about right

[T]he point I’m trying to make here is, you should know what the outcome will be if you do something wrong (in the eyes of Singaporeans, like insulting gahmen/insulting lky), so don’t expect any sympathy since you know very well you’ll get into trouble for making that video.

I won’t condemn Amos Yee, but I won’t pity him, he’s the one who destroyed his life when he had a potentially bright future, he could avoid the politics and just focus on what he’s doing (making entertaining videos not related to politics.. film making).

Update at 2.15pm:

She and Amos made the bed that they now must lie in. In simple English, “Accept the consequences of yr actions: pointless to cry and complain.”


*No, I do not support LKY, in fact I’m not even offended by his LKY video since I didn’t even feel sad when he died.

  1. not one opp party has spoken up about this matter so far. why ?

  2. There is doubt being cast on whether the post is actually from Amos’ mum or not.

    But whether it is from her or not, Amos is pretty much alone now. Look at Roy busy crowdfunding for himself again. Think he’ll lend his buddy a couple of hundred bucks to tide things out?

  3. Case 1: Mary Toh Aka Mrs. Yee aka supporter of son is lying. Just as Amos was lying whne he apologised to Vincent Law, only to lash out at him afterwards on his blog.

    Case 2: Toh is telling the truth. as ATans said, why not ask the police for help? Police not good enough? Police sucks because of what they did to your son? Uh, SPF isn’t one of bear grudges over some boy who says the F word constantly. Posting on Facebook is the cheapest but silliest way of asking your son to come home. You allowed him to rop out of school, buy tech equipment (or bought it for him), allowed him to upload scandalous and nonsensical videos and blog with the F word. So you deserve it Toh!!!

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