Owner’s race affects cat’s meow

In Uncategorized on 03/04/2016 at 10:21 am

Seems cats owned by Chinese meow differently from those owned by Indians, Malays and other races. The language of owner affects the way cats meow.

[T}he Times reports that a group of Swedish animal behaviourologists believe that cats may pick up regional accents from their owners.

They will spend the next five years recruiting cats from different parts of Sweden to try to decipher what their miaows mean.

The Times comments: “It is a reassuring world in which a researcher from the University of Lund is paid to spend five years looking into whether cats speak differently in different parts of Sweden.

“Susanne Schotz is planning to test a hypothesis that feline vocalisation may vary in tone and lilt according to how owners speak to their pets.

“Hence the possibility suggested in today’s paper that pussy cats may somehow develop regional miaowing or caterwauling that mimic the voices of their regional humans.”


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